What’s With WATER

Other than the very basic fact that after oxygen Water is the next important thing we need to function….(though one would never think so considering the small amount consumed by many) water has many benefits….along with cooling us down in Summer, (whether we drink it or dive into it) hence this post at a time many parts of Australia is experiencing heat waves….

Following are some I have become aware of:
*Regulates our body temperature
*Composes Min. 75% of our brain
*Assists in preventing headaches (& aids clarity)
*Helps carry nutrients and oxygen to cells
*Helps body absorb nutrients
*Helps convert food to energy
*Moistens oxygen for breathing
*Protects and cushions vital organs
*Cushions joints
*Removes waste
*Assists with Emotional Release (eg: grief, fear, anger)
*Makes up approx. 92% of blood cells
*Makes up approx. 75% of muscles
*Composes 22% of bones

Pretty cool eh…..and with all these benefits, definitely makes it the coolest drink to consume….and the hotter we are and the more we sweat the more we need to replace this vital fluid….


Clearing Clutter

New Year resolutions rarely remain….and the clutter we carry emotionally is the main block to any resolution being effective or successful.
Hence I am re-posting a page from a Handbook I completed 3 years ago entitled Being Well Basics – It’s All About FLOW…being the EMOTION page….an important reminder to myself in lieu of a resolution and I hope helpful to you, the reader….if you would like a free copy of the 18 topic/20 page Handbook emailed please email me at wellthcreation@outlook.com

Our familial and societal structures have developed a belief system that it is not good to allow an emotion to be felt unless it is of an acceptable calibre such as happiness, celebration, joy, delight or some other positive expression. This leaves us with a load of blocked, frozen, trapped, suppressed and denied “negative” emotions creating havoc and disharmony upon our wellbeing; physically, psychologically, and spiritually.

From the time we are conceived, we have projected upon us from our environment, emotions that are unexpressed and hence trapped within the psyche of our parents, family members and other close contacts. Before our feeling centre has been shut down we, like animals, are super sensitive to the unfelt emotions of our human company. So we begin to gather their emotional injuries, even before pacifiers and other modes of suppression are used upon any of our own emotional feelings that are judged as being “inappropriate”. The harm inflicted on children from encouraged emotional suppression carries on to be a challenge throughout life.

If there is one awakening I would like to see, it is the awareness that emotions are healthy to be expressed, even those that are not positive (while ever we are not harming another), as they only become disharmonious when not allowed to FLOW hence then are projected at another knowingly or unknowingly.

There are a range of modalities to assist with the connection to, unblocking and releasing of emotions. They may include Journaling, Cure by Crying therapy, Bodywork, Psychotherapy, Emotion Code, Kinesiology tools, Emotional Competency (comfortable for most), Holistic Pulsing, along with basic Express/Release techniques. The receipt of Divine Love through sincere prayer greatly enhances all forms of emotional release.

Most people do fear that if they start releasing emotions they will be overwhelmed, will go crazy or activate illness and other concerns. If we don’t release trapped negative emotions allowing fresh, positive ones to flow these very things are more likely to occur. The harder you resist emotions the harder they kick back and create Stress, which is well documented as creating illness.

An exercise that can be helpful: If you are emotionally triggered/challenged, and resistance kicks in; 1) Observe the physical contraction, relax and allow expansion, remain aware of the sensation arising in the body, maintain your focus on the sensation and flow with it to where it goes or ceases. 2) Congruently, slow down your awareness to allow any emotion/s the freedom to arise, and then get microscopic in your awareness so the emotion/s can reveal themselves fully, moment by moment, and allow their expression to flow without judgement; whether emotions are of frustration, anger, shame, fear or grief etc. If you are in a public, work or other social situation, allow at least Step 1 to unfold, make a mental note and then at the first opportunity of private space, recall the trigger, go back to where the physical sensation either started or ceased, feel into that general area, expand emotionally and recommence1and 2. Unblock, allow FLOW and open to your full wellbeing potentiality.

If you would like further information on the topic of Emotional Competency, please contact me via the details above and leave a contact number, email or Skype address.

Seasonal Eating – Summer

As long as our recent hot weather hasn’t wilted some of the following fruits and vegetables these are what are currently in season, or soon to be and hence currently the best eating (in Australia) for optimal wellbeing benefits. A great time for stone fruit and berries!
Thanks to a recent Courier Mail, it saved me a lot of time and procrastination regards researching an accurate list for myself. Spring was in an earlier post and I will follow on with Autumn and Winter when they come around.

Yellow Grapefruit

Green Beans
Sweet Corn
Spring Onion
Red Onion


It is around this time of year that many of us start burning the candle both ends as the saying goes…it is timely then to consider the following page from Being Well Basics – Its All About Flow, a Handbook I put together…if you would like a complete copy emailed contact me on wellthcreation@outlook.com

Regeneration is an important part of the function of being well for obvious reasons and of course needs to balance with hibernation to maintain FLOW. It goes without saying that basic personal hygiene is a vital component of regeneration, including of course oral hygiene.

Do less, do more is the basic communication of cells and too much of one or the other, initiates disorder, leading to wellbeing dysfunction. Every time we select healthy, fresh, seasonal food we are refuelling our Nutritional Density to allow our cellular structure to regenerate and retain the Yin Yang balance needed to maintain vitality.

Nature is our mother of regenerators. Ensuring contact with the earth (generally called Earthing or Grounding) is regaining popularity and it is recommended we make contact with the earth at least 40 minutes per day. This can be done by going barefoot on tiles or concrete floors, walking on the grass etc. We are not able to earth with carpets and wooden floors; however hugging a tree of course earths us. There are products available which can earth you while operating your computer and/or when you sleep. Research/Google for more information regarding suppliers etc. Due to wearing synthetic shoes most of the time, we are rarely earthing ourselves and this encourages inflammatory and other challenges to hinder wellbeing. Earthing assists to reverse this. If you would like to view a document regarding this, feel free to email me.

Sun, Fun and (healthy) Socialising are good ways of increasing regeneration. We seem to have developed a great fear of the sun and 10 – 15 minutes per day exposure will not harm anyone who doesn’t have allergies to it or such. The best way to regather some Vitamin D which is highly important for all bodily functions, is to be out for 10 minutes or so with at least half arms exposed, sunscreen free, as close to midday as possible each day in winter. Face towards the sun but don’t look at it, for maximum Vitamin D absorption. Earlier in the morning and later in the afternoon during summer is best. Please research and make your own decisions regards any Sun exposure.

On the subject of stress, research has shown that the more we are under noise or other stress the likelier our magnesium levels will be lowered and the lower our magnesium levels the more easily we are stressed. This of course tips the Yin Yang scales regards cellular structure communication, risking lowered normal regeneration. It is advised that the best way to absorb Magnesium Chloride is via soaking in a bath, footbath or as a mouthwash first thing each morning. Simply add flakes to a spray bottle, dissolve and spray on body or in mouth. Magnesium chloride is more effective than magnesium sulphate.

Remember, regeneration is impaired if not reminding ourselves to become aware of our denied, trapped emotions, the addictions we have to hold them at bay and recognise the myriad of disorders suppressed emotions initiate. Giving ourselves permission through Emotional Competency to be aware, feel and connect with these trapped energies, converts them to Energy in Motion allowing maximum, healthy FLOW potential.

Way to LOVE?

I LOVE this excerpt from Anthony De Mello’s The Way to Love….simply because it makes me Stop and observe myself and what is around me….also because for me contemplating it brings me closer to the pure source, my true parent, that great divine over-soul that my soul is said to be in the image of, God to some, who has no name (while many use many names) so Hashem to others,,,,the only source of divine love that is accessible only when we are present enough to realise it is not automatically within us, the image….and can only be increased with pure longing that some realise is the truest greatest prayer…Known to many as THE WAy…(straight and narrow). Maybe De Mello is describing what consistent prayer would look and feel like???

From : The Way To Love…..
The last meditations of Anthony De Mello

But you are not to be called rabbi, for you have one teacher, and you are all brethren. (Matthew 20.8)

You can get someone to teach you things mechanical or scientific or mathematical like algebra or English or riding a cycle or operating a computer. But in the things that really matter, life, love, reality, God, no one can teach you a thing. All they can do is give you formulas. And as soon as you have a formula, you have reality filtered through the mind of someone else. If you take those formulas you will be imprisoned. You will wither and when you come to die you will not have known what it means to see for yourself, to learn.
Look at it this way: There have been moments in your life when you had an experience that you know you will have to carry with you to your grave because you are quite unable to find words with which to communicate the experience to anyone. As a matter of fact there simply are no words with which to communicate the experience to anyone. As a matter of fact there simply are no words in any human language to communicate exactly what you experienced. Think of the kind of feeling that came upon you when you saw a bird fly over a lake or observed a blade of grass peeping out of a crack in the wall or heard the cry of a baby at night or sensed the loveliness of a naked human body or gazed at a corpse lying cold and rigid in a coffin. You may try to communicate the experience in music or poetry or painting. But in your heart you know that no one will ever comprehend exactly what it was you saw and sensed. This is something you are quite powerless to express, much less teach, to another human being.

That is exactly how a Master feels when you ask him to teach you about life or God or reality. All he can do is give you a formula, a set of words strung together into a formula. But of what use are those words? Imagine a group of tourists in a bus. The shades of the bus are down and they don’t see or hear or touch or smell a single thing from the strange exotic country that they are passing through, while all the while their guide chatters away, giving them what he thinks is a vivid description of the smells, sounds and sights of the world outside. The only things they will experience are the images that his words create in their heads. And let’s suppose the bus stops and he sends them forth with formulas and they will perceive, not the Reality itself but Reality as filtered through the guide’s formulas.
They will look at Reality selectively or they will project their own formulas onto it, so it is not Reality they will see but a confirmation of their formulas.
Is there any way you can know that what you are in touch with is Reality? Here is one sign; What you perceive does not fit into any formula whether given by another or created by yourself. It simply cannot be put into words. So what can teachers do? They can bring to your notice what is unreal, they cannot show you Reality; they can destroy your formula’s, they cannot make you see what the formula is pointing to; they can indicate your error, they cannot put you in possession of the Truth. They can, at the most, point in the direction of Reality, they cannot tell you what to see. You will have to walk out there all alone and discover for yourself.
To walk alone—– that means to walk away from every formula—–the ones given to you by others, the ones you learned from books, the ones that you yourself invented in the light of your own past experience. That is possibly the most terrifying thing a human being can do: move into the unknown, unprotected by any formula. To walk away from the world of human beings as the prophets and mystics did is not to walk away from their company but from their formulas.
Then, even though you are surrounded by people, you are truly and utterly alone. What an awesome solitude! That solitude, that aloneness is Silence. It is only this Silence that you will see. And the moment you see you will abandon every book and guide and guru.
What is it that you will see? Anything, everything: a falling leaf, the behaviour of a friend, the ripples on the surface of a lake, a pile of stones, a ruined building, a crowded street, a starry sky, whatever. After you have seen, someone may attempt to help you put your vision into words but you will shake your head—–No, not that—–that’s just another formula. Someone else will attempt to explain the meaning of what you saw and you will shake your head again because meaning is a formula, something that can be put into concepts and makes sense to the thinking mind, and what you saw is beyond all formula, all meaning. And a strange change will come about in you, barely perceptible at first but radically transforming. Because, having seen, you will never be the same again. You will feel the exhilarating freedom, the extraordinary confidence that comes from knowing that every formula, no matter how sacred, is worthless: and you will never again call anyone your teacher. Then you will never cease to learn as each day you observe and understand afresh the whole process and movement of life. Then every single thing will be your teacher.
So put your books and formulas aside: dare to abandon your teacher whoever your teacher may be and see things for yourself. Dare to look at everything around you without fear and without formula and it won’t be long before you See.

Seasonal Eating – Spring

The Wholefood experts like Don Tolman advocate eating Seasonally, as well as Whole and Fresh for optimum health benefits, with taste benefits being a bonus.
Following is a list of vegetables and fruits in season for SPRING, compliments of the Courier Mail recently.

Yellow Grapefruit
Pink Grapefruit

Asian Greens
Green Beans
Sweet Corn
Capsicum & Chilli
Spring Onion
Red Onion

Lots of variety to focus on as additions to non-seasonal choices, ensuring enhanced nutrient, vitamin and mineral intake ESPECIALLY if grown locally.

GUT STUFF – Waste Management

Another page from the handbook I completed a couple of years ago…the emphasis on the gut has increased further in wellbeing circles since then and is now considered vital. Just email wellthcreation@outlook.com if you would like a free copy (I don’t store contacts unless requested)

Along with raw and whole Food consumption, clean air and water, an absolute necessity for wellbeing is maintaining a healthy gut and waste-free system generally.
I read recently about the fact that more serotonin is stored in the gut than the brain, so keeping our gut flowing and clean has a positive effect on mood. To do this we need to ensure that we are keeping waste moving through the tubes and that the oxidants are being released properly, out through the pores, breath, bowel and kidneys, not hanging around in our systems.
A diet that includes fibre and roughage is an old adage that hasn’t gone out of fashion. It is also good to be aware of parasites and cleanse our systems on a regular basis, inclusive of a day or more of having very light food intake only. Research Psyllium Husks, Bentonite Clay and Coconut Oil as aids for clearing candida/mould and parasites.
A Raw Food Journey for 3 – 10 days every few months assists the systems, particularly the gut. This involves having only water, raw vegetables and fruit, from arising on the first day to retiring on the last day. Otherwise a few days of healthy smoothies and/or juices works well; if your current wellbeing is up to these regimes.
It is worth doing some research to check just what you are eating and what IT has actually consumed itself, when it comes to any animal flesh in your diet. Also be aware that the more animal protein you include in your diet the more acidic your system becomes and the higher potential for oxidants. Consider also how loving the growing and processing of the food you consume has been, particularly animal husbandry practises.
In the acidity stakes, included are any drinks that are aerated along with caffeine, nicotine, dairy products, peanuts, canola and safflower oils. These lower your pH and leave you exposed to compromised gut and other wellness outcomes. Some foods that are acidic themselves like oranges and lemons alkalise your system and are powerful antioxidants. Drinking the juice of one lemon first thing in the morning (always rinse with water after) or adding fresh lemon/lime to daily water assists greatly.
Emotions also have either an acidic or alkaline affect on your body. Suppressed emotions like anger, fear, shame, envy, grief and stress are acidic. The toxic residue of these can be released if they are allowed to be felt and to flow out. (Emotion comes from the Latin roots Ex and Motio, signifying outward movement). Alkalising emotions are the ones with natural fluidity like kindness, love, compassion, prayer, truth and peace.
It is also worth researching a list of foods high in antioxidants, for example blueberries and other berries along with red kidney beans etc, to ensure the continual removal of waste from your body. This will enable free FLOW through the tubes, further assisting the ability of the vital nutrients, minerals etc to be absorbed and enhance the work of the cells and systems.
Both probiotics and traditionally fermented or cultured foods are ways of keeping the gut in good order, along with prebiotics (see earlier post for list) and the waste in FLOW.