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REPOSTING Emotional Competency

It is 4 years since I began using this Wellth Creation blog as a depository of information gathered, learnt and or practised….for personal reference and to share occasionally, either with those who come across it or who I bring attention to a blog intermittently.

So to celebrate I am reposting the first blog….a very important one to enhance physical and spiritul wellbeing, and also to assist in maintaining the Wholefoods, Emotions, Love, Learning, Truth and Harmony approach the acronym WELLTH stands for….hence:

Emotional Competency

The majority of people are in denial regards their suppressed emotions. It is this situation that attracts and or causes most stress. Well documented is the fact that stress is the basis of most illness and other barriers in life.

Emotional Competency assists in rectifying this and includes:
A) Ability to recognise that trapped/suppressed emotions exist that are being denied or resisted.
B) Openness to connect with emotions (one by one) and invite expansion of the contracted space
C) Willingness to Feel each emotion (Layer by Layer), maintain focus and let emotion flow while being microscopic in awareness
D) Allowance of expression and release of the core

The primitive part of our brain cannot differentiate an internal threat for example suppressed anger being triggered from an external threat for example a tiger ready to leap.

Emotional competency retrains this primitive portion to realise internal threats can be dealt with WITHOUT igniting flight, fight, freeze or freak….



This is a page from a Handbook called Being Well basics, that I put together a few years ago…….
Love can be an overused or misused word. Many people assume that love can be used to barter, manipulate and discipline. For example the term “tough love” is used mostly when in fact one is acting in a violent, punishing or nasty manner.

A large percentage of people also feel that love is expressed from the mind and so don’t understand or experience true love as a feeling from the essence of their being. They prefer instead to shut this space down and operate from the mind, in a manner that actually comes from without and not from within their True Self.

Being loving to ourselves needs to incorporate self-reflection to see ourselves in our true light currently. Then we may grow more in love rather than paint a picture of love by insincere actions that pertain to quasi-love, without truly feeling love for ourselves or others. We, in fact, generally have a fear of love, especially real love that in its pure essence often incorporates a message of truth, something we may not wish to be challenged with.

We cannot love others completely with integrity if we do not love ourselves and our Creator. Nor can we raise our consciousness without raising our love source, either human or Divine.

To embrace self-love we need to self-assess and look at how loving our actions are. What do I eat and drink? How do I spend my day? Am I following my passions? When was the last time I cried or had a good belly laugh? How do I care for me? How often do I take time to reflect/pray? How often do I avoid speaking truth? When we are not honest with ourselves and not loving ourselves, we are vulnerable to unloving behaviour from others towards us.

To truly love others is not to pander to them, appease them or respond to their unloving demands and expectations of us. It is to speak truth with an open heart in a loving manner, to desist from directing our anger at them or exert demands for their love in return for ours. It is a genuine feeling coming from within our heart/soul. To communicate from an authentic place without a false persona or mask. To give a gift Of or From love without attachments.

After each interaction with someone, whether family, friend, colleague, peer, casual associate or partner, it is valuable to reflect on how loving we were both to ourselves and the other in the interaction and how loving they were towards us. If a lack of loving action is discerned either way, consider what was the cause or attraction for this occurring.

What many around the world call Divine Love I personally refer to as Agape Absolute. It is the Pure Unconditional Love of the Original Supreme Infinite Being and therefore is personally available to ALL, no matter our status, creed, condition or beliefs.

We need to at least be open to receiving Agape Absolute, by breaking down our barriers and resistance, most usually coming from a lack of love of self, an emotion of being unworthy or a false belief that this love doesn’t exist. We can receive this substance of God just as we can receive the love of others, though our freewill to ask is central to receiving Divine Love, as it is never forced on us. It differs from other loves, and is confirmed by its depth, its healing, its exponential enhancement of our own natural/human love; And the FLOW is Eternal.

Internal Acidity Balancing to Alkalinity

Last month I wrote about the causes of inflammation that bring havoc on our physical body including the brain, hence our health and wellbeing. This blog will be brief as I am short on time, the topic is too wide to cover here, so more than ever I recommend you do your own research…following up from the info below….

From a physical perspective it has been well noted and discussed over the last several years that acidity is a major contributor to our bodies health issues, particularly things like cancer, diabetes etc….

The major cause of acidity it is said is Sugar, (and the major cause of addiction to sugar is avoidance of our emotional load), aided by an unclean diet and environmental issues. Since it is difficult to avoid sugar And acid if we do not eat a Whole, Fresh, Seasonal Plant food diet, essentially one needs to be firstly Lessening the Demand on the Supply of unhealthy sugars and acids personally (processed, packaged, takeaway and meat products) rather than blaming the Suppliers…wouldn’t your agree?

My research has brought me to the knowledge that a top quality, pharmaceutical grade
Safe Soda; as in bicarbonate soda, is the front line way to address the issue physically of an acidic body. I have experienced promising results personally and once again invite you to do your own research.

I have also noticed that when I am compliant with the simple regime required with taking the bi-carb, (which historically I am not the best at being so) that I SOFTEN TO feelings and emotional flow and release (a great bonus since as noted previously our suppressed Toxic Emotional Load is the pre-requisite to most acidity hence inflammatory related causes, demands and issues, hence disease).

A few noted pointers from my Research:
*Extracellular fluids need to be a PH of 7.4
*We don’t make enough bi-carb within our own bodies due to being overloaded with sugar
*A high PH product does not mean high Alkaline
*High PH foods are usually healthy, however can only assist to keep our PH stable, not increase it to where is necessary to be if low
*When the PH of our blood is low, it leeches bi-carb from the muscles, tissues, organs and bones

The bottom line is we can improve our health by making some nutritional and dietary changes and raising the PH hence the alkalinity of our body….letting it do its job with ease rather than dis-ease….healing as we go….

Happy Researching….


Inflammation is the physical pre-cursor to physical disease and compromised brain health…with the causes being varied….my research has brought to me the following understandings. I encourage you to further observe and research for yourself, as the list below may not be exhaustive….

TOXINS: Mercury, Pesticides etc. etc., are primary on the list and come from Air, Food, Water, Furniture, Carpets, Dental practices, etc…in fact it has been noted there are 10,s of thousands of untested toxins in the environment….
HOWEVER, the one closest to us we can do the most about, we mostly continue to deny, avoid and fear….our Repressed, Suppressed TOXIC EMOTIONAL LOAD….which as it is Cleared enhances our Ability to Address the Rest…..even the environmental ones….
STOP thinking like a human and start BEING Emotional as we ARE an Emotional BEING simply labelled as Human….
CLEAR thinking then with raised cognitive ability…experiencing more CLEARLY our “human” experience….EMOTIONALLY hence SOULFULLY ENHANCED….ENHANCING HEALTH…

***Inadequate Sleep
***Sedentary Lifestyle
***Inflammatory Diet (TOXIC Sugar, Refined flours, Trans-fats, Omega 6 Refined oils mostly)
***Nutritional Deficiencies (Vit. C, B vitamins, Vit. D, Zinc and Omega3 fats predominately)
***Food Allergens (Often triggered by the stored TOXIC Emotions)
***Low grade Hidden or Chronic Infections (syphilis, herpes, Lyme and Tick diseases etc.)
***Imbalances in Digestive function and the Gut immune system

Of course smoking, excessive drinking of alcohol, caffeine, energy drinks etc. will contribute as well…


Rather Than settle on New Year Resolutions I decided to consider some RATHER THAN Recommendations…in regards to daily life, (Recommendations rather than Resolutions) all worth Considering rather than Cancelling perhaps….
A Bakers Dozen…one for each month of 2018 and a favorite to take into 2019?

*Accept rather than Avoid
*Ask rather than Assume
*Compassion rather than Condescension
*Do rather than Doodle
*Describe rather than Dictate
*Discuss rather than Deter
*Feel rather than Freak
*Help rather than Hinder
*Justice rather than Judgement
*Live rather than Lament
*Pray rather than Ponder
*Serve rather than Subordinate
*Understand rather than Undermine

Remember, Our freewill allows Us to Choose each Recommendation….As Is or In Reverse,,, Our results will be Our barometer….Wholesome or Unwholesome…..Rewards or Regrets….

WHOLEFOOD TRIVIA Parsley and Pumpkin

Native to the Mediterranean region Parsley has been cultivated for over 200 ears and was hailed as sacred in Ancient Greece, used to adorn athletes and the tombs of celebrated individuals.
A highly nutritious and medicinal food, it is packed full of vitamin C, antioxidant flavonoids, beta-carotene and folic acid.
Sprinkle it on soup, add it to pasta bake and pasta sauces, toss into salads including potato, AND OF COURSE combine lots with bulgar wheat, garlic, mint leaves, lemon juice and olive oil to make a yummy tabbouleh.

This orange fleshed vegetable was consumed by Native Americans for it’s medicinal qualities and introduced to Europe by explorers.
Pumpkin is loaded with beta-carotene and the seeds are packed with minerals such as magnesium, iron, manganese, copper and zinc as well as being a good source of protein and monounsaturated fat.
The skin is reportedly particularly healthful and is yummy when left on to bake. Of course Pumpkin soup and Pumpkin pie are favorite dishes for many and a great salad dressing is made from ground Pumpkin seeds, garlic and parsley with a little oil. Panfry the seeds and store in an airtight jar for munching or sprinkling on salads.

DIVINE LOVE WAY to Happiness

Recently I was invited to prepare and present a 30 minute radio segment for the local community station. The topic was part of a series entitled The Way To Happiness….my contribution was from a Divine Love Perspective. Below are my prepared notes for this presentation.

***Divine Love is not a new Way to Happiness by any means, although it has missed inclusion in any obvious way at least, within the sacred texts…however, when one experiences and understands this Way one can see the lessons of it within the parables of Jesus, recorded in the Christian Bible such as The Mustard Seed parable, (and similar lessons are of course probable in some other teachings)….Jesus called this THE WAY……

The perspective of Divine Love for The Way to Happiness can reach across all Religions, Philosophies, Teachings and Practises as it is not an organised religion of itself but simply a regular Connection with the Pure Source of the Purest Love, the Creator Being of ALL, including All loving laws governing All Creation, who many look upon as their Soul Parent, which is a truth, referred to by many more as God, Allah etc,,, Happiness experienced Internally with External affects, hence true Happiness…..

Anyone can receive this Divine Love….Yes anyone,,,, including someone who identifies as Agnostic or even criminals, war mongers and others….ALL may find The Way to Happiness by receiving this Divine Love of the Divine Source into their heart…their Soul…being their True Self….no matter their current Soul Condition or Beliefs….

This connection DOES need to be a Heartfelt, Soul Longing, for the Divine Love, sincere and genuine,,, NOT from a mind based request….and with it will come truth, harmony, peace, healing and Happiness….all building Within as the Divine Love is gifted and gathered….no special rituals, beliefs, doctrines or intermediary’s are necessary…..

WHY the need for heartfelt, Soul longing prayer? …Mainly due to thoughts and words not being able to exit the known universe to connect with the Absolute Divine Soul, God, who wraps around such universe,,,, Where as feelings and emotions (therefore energy in motion) do exit “gently tugging on our Soul Parent….and a response surely comes….a flow of Divine Love into our prayerful/longing soul and heart…..words and images of course may Assist Us to drop into our heart and soul…

And please be aware that our Soul Parent, being portrayed by some as a wrathful, punishing and judgemental God is NOT a fact,,,, the law is simply set, is mathematical, automatic, loving and offers rewards in fact,,, we self penalise by feeling we can avoid law…God is a God of LOVE…and my experience has only been one of love…when I make Sincere effort to connect, relate and experience…..WHEN I do….

Our search for Happiness (which seems the prime motivation of humanity) affects our life in 2 important areas…
1st… It affects our choice of long term Goals…because through these Goals we hope to achieve long term Happiness. We put a lot of time and effort into these Goals,,,, Goals like *A good job *Investments *Money for a good retirement *Hobbies *A good home etc, etc…..
2nd…. In the short term, hour to hour, our short term goal or imperative of a Happy life, means we have developed many strategies to AVOID painful experiences…

Has our search for Happiness, our long term AND short term goals been successful? Have they worked? I would suggest NOT,,, TRUE HAPPINESS REMAINS ELUSIVE

Perhaps Happiness as a Primary goal…even an hour to hour imperative is not the right Focus….perhaps if we choose a different primary goal,,, It, Happiness, would come as a consequence…………………………

*****Within this sharing of The Way to Happiness from a Divine Love perspective,,
*First.. I would like to discuss choosing a new Primary goal…
*Second, I will discuss how we may achieve this new Primary goal….
*Because you may find some of the things I discuss quite confronting, please reserve judgement until the end. You will learn how to determine for yourself the truth of what I discuss.

Lets move forward then,,,,
A friend of mine feels the most important thing in life is finding truth,,, (with which I totally agree),,,, the Truth about the purpose of our life and how we might achieve this, what motivates us, what holds us back, our facades, our addictions,the Truth about our Soul Parent “regularly referred to as God”, and the Truth about Our True self, our Soul…

The Bible does contain Truth, even with it having been adjusted and interpreted Widely …… for example “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his Righteousness”……from my understanding what Jesus said was,,, ”Seek ye First Gods Love”….adjustment or interpretation?

Jesus spent from around 18 to 31 years of age on the path (The Way) to having a Relationship with his ‘Father’, receiving Divine Love, until he felt about love the Same as God feels about love,,,, he did not become God but his soul was transformed, to the very substance of God, God’s Soul, At-One with God….the same opportunity is available to All of humanity,….This was the primary focus of Jesus teachings and example….

“Except that you be born again, you will not enter the Kingdom of God” is a well quoted text….this took even Jesus around 13 years of dedication to achieve…do remember though, our True Self, the individualised Soul, is able to carry on with this quest of growing in love after we shed the physical body…

This IS our Primary purpose in life, to Grow in Love…with the consequence of growing in Happiness (if we choose to activate this purpose)….

If we want to do this in Relationship with and receiving Gods divine love, we will achieve a Transformation of our soul and consequently Enduring Happiness…. God is a loving God, as mentioned, who does want to share Divine Love and hence Divine Truth and Happiness with Us, the created children, if Only we sincerely Seek IT…

So what does one need to do to progress in love, to activate a Relationship with God (our true soul parent) to receive Gods Love And ultimately to become At-One with God regards love… progressively achieving ultimate, enduring Happiness in the process….

Jesus, being the first to achieve this Ultimate Purpose and the Celestial beings refer to this Divine Love Path dedication as The Way….some say “A narrow gate and straight is The Way” … hence we Simply need to A) Long for Divine Love B) Long for Divine Truth C) Be prepared to be emotionally open, feeling all our feelings All the time…As some of us say Simple But Not Easy….and D) Importantly, we must want this Relationship with God, we must want to be God Reliant (while remaining Self Responsible),,,,

Also we must be prepared to let go of False Beliefs, Damaging Emotions and Unloving behaviours…emotional pain needs to be felt, so as to be released, allowing space for love….

Why then does this Divine Love Way (The Way to Happiness) seem to be “not so simple”….”Because we All have been taught from a very early age Not to experience our Grief”…. (while being exposed to and developing some False Beliefs)…and These create BARRIERS to The Way to Happiness…

Further, the Last thing we Ever Allow ourselves to Feel is our FEAR….”Most of us are very good at feeling Anger, especially good at projecting it at someone that we Falsely blame for the cause of it… once being too often…” We experience Anger to avoid feeling our Fear, which our Addictions Also are in place to avoid, and when Addictions are not met we Again become angry to maintain that avoidance of fear”

We actually have the most Fear of being truly ourselves, which prevents us opening to our Grief, which further blocks us to opening to and longing for the Divine Love that brings us Ultimate and Enduring Happiness….along with staying stuck in our False Beliefs about God,,,,,

My personal example of grief and false beliefs causing happiness BARRIERS, was predominately of being orphaned twice before I was 12 years of age, due to both of my biological parents and both foster parents deaths,, as well as being denied the truth of my biological family………I therefore stored a lot of grief relating to Abandonment and Loss… and the Truth being withheld, hence naturally developing personal errors due to avoidance and denial of such emotions, a common occurrence… obviously then Causing grief for others ….. The Ripple Effect….Fear also developed from these emotional injuries, fear of trusting stability or information offered by others, hence anger regards injustice, plus aloneness and safety issues.

We don’t need such experiences to store grief, even those with a so called happy childhood ALL have an array of grief and fear stored…..
I had the Nick Name of Smiley as a teenager, typically displaying external happiness as a Facade to deny and avoid experiencing and releasing internal fear and grief.

Our connection with, relationship with, and exchange of love with our Soul Parent, God, increases our courage to become aware of and open to experience and release stored, stagnant emotions that are BARRIERS to true Happiness,,,, as due to the gift of Freewill, our Soul Parent cannot dis-create what we humans have created….. so steadily and surely, as I engage with The Way, I lower then my facades and my true self is progressively revealed…the way it was designed to be, to return All of us to our true, created self…”in the image of”…..experiencing Happiness,,,,, hence causing Happiness for others…the Ripple Effect…..FREE of damaging emotions, false beliefs and so called societal Norms. Receiving Divine love, so moving towards transformation into being At-One with God….

***Now then, how do you know THIS Vision I am presenting is the Truth, Absolute Truth….The Way to Happiness from a Divine Love perspective…
It correctly says in the Bible A) Ask and it shall be given B) Seek and you will find C) Knock and the door will be opened….(hence building Faith and Trust with Longing Soulful Prayer)…..the Truth IS Encapsulated in the Divine Love that sincere prayer brings, gifted directly from our Soul Parent, God…into our open and sincere soul…and We come to know Truth, if we seek it in this way…

It is an experienced Truth…..(and to borrow a phrase from someone referring to my birth city, I would like to say, “Just like Brisbane, Divine Love and Truth are easier Experienced than Explained’)…

The following Prayer is offered,,, it assists in taking you into your soul space, allowing your true self to sincerely Long for the Love….divine and pure…The Way to Happiness…enduring and absolute…Soul Transforming,,, to feel love as God feels love….ultimately At-One…

***My Father, I give you all glory and honour, my love and gratitude….I want a relationship in which you can rely on me for I Know I CAN rely on you….Please continue to overwhelm me and transform my soul with your Divine Love and free my soul with your Divine Truth….Help me experience my grief, fear and anger at all times and assist me to release All unloving emotions and behaviours….

***I would now like to share with you a couple of my experiences and some inspirations that have come my way throughout my Dedication to the Divine Love Way to achieving Happiness

A few years ago as I was longing for Divine Love, I came to realise the lazy hearing in one ear may be due to not wanting to hear my biological father abandoned me,,,, the emotional grief of that flowed from me and a beautiful experience of divine love followed…one week later I had a hearing test and that ear tested slightly better than the other, which was opposite to previous testing. Hearing better is feeling Happier….

Another experience has been that with my faith in truth growing from divine love building, I am less fearful of speaking truth and also less fearful or anxious overall….this certainly leaves more time for internal happiness, without seeking external happiness just to balance the fear. Also I have observed general health improvements within myself…

Personal Inspirations:
*Our Souls’ wishes through heartfelt prayer, become gifts of our Soul Parent, culminating in heartfelt happiness…
*Acting happier and more loving externally will not bring enduring happiness, if not mirrored from internally….contradiction of feelings, simply brings destruction of Happiness potential…
*We need to move our thoughts into our hearts feelings and our souls longings in relation to Love, Truth and hence Happiness…
*People can get lost in their desires, because if desires are not PURE and Loving, they will not bring Happiness…
*We cannot come to a continuous flow of pleasurable Happiness if we don’t allow the flow of pain, enabling then its release…

I would like to assure everyone that it Is possible to stay connected and to be open to this ultimate purpose consistently, as you go about your daily life. A brief prayer that aids me in this connection is….. “Please, assist me to remain humble, healthy and happy, through humility of true feeling, in harmony with your Divine Love and Truth”…. If coming from the heart space, I find this then opens me automatically to longing soulfully for Divine Love when I am free to do so….

Also singing a simple mantra of “Some Divine Love Please God” lovingly offered as a request, drops me into my heart, assists in projecting MY love to God also,,, in loving relationship…

The Essene style of praying/longing, has been discovered and Gregg Braden has published this in one of his books……The Isaiah Effect,,,, I will share it here, as it is affective for bringing us into our heart space also (the doorway to our Soul)…”As you hold the thought, the image, of your Intention to receive Divine Love, breathe into and experience within your stomach area the emotion of this image, then have them both meet/unify in the Heart Space…from where the feeling, the sensation of As If it is already occurring, can be aligned with this Image and Emotion… in Gratitude and Love for receiving Divine Love… The Way to Happiness…..

I wish to invite you to experiment with this Divine Love Way of paving THE WAY to Happiness, a Way of receiving and experiencing the Divine Love and Truth of your Soul Parent, through connection and relationship, (remember no rituals, beliefs, doctrines or intermediaries needed) hence building true Happiness in your True Self/your Soul….transforming into Enduring Happiness, INFINITELY…..Yes infinitely, there can only be 1 Infinite being, however since our Soul is contained within That infinite being, God, Divine Soul, due to God wrapping around Our universe, we can infinitely take the ride…growing more and more in love, truth and HAPPINESS….not short term, or hour to hour elusive, or limited Happiness…Ultimate and Infinite Happiness is offered as a gift of our Soul Parent…for our Soul to experience…Simply by being open to receiving the Divine love..

So, The Way to Happiness from a Divine Love perspective is to give up the search for happiness and seek Gods love instead, so as to ultimately become At-one with the substance of God’s love…with infinite happiness a consequence…

In life we all have 3 choices…
1… Choose to grow in love and truth, seek a relationship with God, seek to receive Gods Divine Love and Divine Truth, And seek to experience All of your emotions all the time,,, Divine Love will then ultimately transform your Soul and TRUE enduring Happiness will be Yours.

2…Choose to grow in love and truth, Without a relationship with God, Without God’s Divine Love and Truth.  Seek to experience All of your emotions all the time. You can then heal your Soul emotionally. LIMITED Happiness can be achieved.

3… Choose your Own version of growing in Happiness. Seek predictable goals for long term Happiness, seek short term Happiness through avoidance of painful emotions. True happiness will ELUDE you.

The choice is Yours… as are the Consequences……