DIVINE LOVE Dedication/Dedicator series

***The Overview and Understandings of DIVINE LOVE Dedication/Dedicators can be found below my explanation of the Blog Sites intention and this Series immediately below…

Today is the final post in this series and probably the final post I make to the site…and the Most Vital from my perspective.
I began this Blog site 4 years ago regards the topics that form the Acronym of WELLTH, (Wholefood, Emotion, Longing, Love, Truth and Humility) with Creation meaning our own creation of our own wellbeing Physically, Emotionally, Intellectually and especially Spiritually with posts regarding a variety of information and practice required for this whether nutrition, love, sharing, truth, prayer etc….I say especially spiritual because when we care for the Soul we care for the Whole….
We don’t need to Do we need to Undo, we don’t need to Become our true self we need to Discover our true self uniqueness and perfection, by Uncovering it beneath the layers of emotional memory not entirely experienced, hence feelings that were not allowed to be felt due to the discipline and or circumstances of others and the environment, often but not exclusively trauma related (simply being prevented from feeling and expressing to full release is damaging in itself).
These blocked experiences are generational as well as personal (With Science now PROVING the injurious effects on our Wellbeing), therefore Emotional Competency is primary in our journey both for those who include God and those who chose not to regards spiritual and other wellbeing.
I therefore plan to add some links regards Emotional Healing to this site and have left the DIVINE LOVE Dedication/Dedicator series until now so it is the first viewed…being the highest priority, no matter if or when we choose to embrace it…..there are innumerable places to find information regards Divine Love and Truth, my choice here was to be encompassing and succinct at once, regards my own discovery and understanding thus far….
Much Love to any future reader,
PS: As you will note I include an Overview of DIVINE LOVE Dedication and Dedicators before the specific information provided with each of the posts in the series…with the intention of ensuring whichever one you open, that will be available if you don’t wish to read the whole blog….it follows here….ahead of Todays Understandings,,,

***In the previous 3 posts and this one, I am going to share the spiritual path Dedication I practice, (to the best of my ability). It is not an organized religion….it is though practicing religion if one takes the literal meaning of Religion as understood by many to be true, being the practice of RE-connecting with God on a regular basis, through prayer, longing for the reception of Divine Love into my soul.
For myself and others, the goal is achieving At-Onement with God (not atonement), hence a New-birth or becoming Christed as Jesus was, and invited us to be through his teachings of the 1st Century, which sadly it seems, has been lost in translation from future versions of the texts.
I identify as a child of my true soul Parent, God, (I like all souls, was created perfect, though became unperfected by my earthly environment’s injuries upon me, familial and societal; along with my own errors developing from such injuries) now a Divine Love Dedicator practicing Divine Love Dedication, with the intention of receiving Divine Love and becoming of a Divine nature, having emotionally released noted injuries and errors. Residing in God’s divine Celestial realms then, immortally.
Following are some points from a summary of what Divine Love Dedicators understand, while remaining open to further truth as our soul is re-perfected and then transformed into a Divine nature, by the love essence of our soul Parent, God…

***We understand, that the human soul is the same, in this world and in the next,
and that, with physical death, the human being, manifesting a spirit body,
enters the spirit world to exist therein, and that the soul will continue to
be purified, in time to come, until it reaches that plane in the spirit
world called Paradise, or the Sixth Sphere.
*We understand, that there is a Sphere beyond that of the Sixth Sphere, where
human souls have reached a state of perfection and purification beyond which
they can no longer aspire, and that this Sphere, referred to as the Seventh
Sphere and the gateway to entrance into the Celestial Heavens, is only open
to those souls transformed by the Divine Love of God. This Divine Love,
bestowed upon our souls in response to earnest prayer, not merely purifies
our souls but also transforms them into the Essence of the Creator, so that
our souls are aware of, and in possession of, immortality. This is the
salvation that Jesus taught as the Messiah of God, in contradistinction to
the perfection of the human soul, as taught by prophets such as Moses,
Buddha and Mohammed.
*We understand, that the potentiality of receiving this Divine Love had been
lost with the fall of our first parents. The true mission of Jesus, as the
Christ, was to teach all humanity the fact that, with his own soul as
evidence, God’s Love had once again been made available to humankind, and
that immortality could now be obtained in our souls by accumulating God’s
Divine Love through repeated prayers to Him for Its possession.
*We understand, that the divinity of Jesus was made manifest in his divine soul,
which became divine on earnest prayer to the Heavenly Father* throughout his
life, until he at last realized what his mission was; and that the Divine
Love may now enter the soul of whosoever seeks It in earnest prayer and
thereby receives It, through the ministrations of the Holy Spirit – that
Energy of God which conveys His Love into the human soul.
*We understand, that Jesus was thus born of Mary and Joseph in accordance with
God’s Law for the reproduction of humankind, yet born of the Holy Spirit in
the sense that it was this agency which brought so much of God’s Love into
Jesus’ soul that he realized it was like unto the Heavenly Father’s in
Essence, and knew that in that way he was the Christ.
*We understand, that such rebirth of the human soul into a divine soul, as first
experienced by Jesus through prayer to God for His Love, is the true meaning
of the New Birth and the New Heart promised to humankind by God through the
prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel.
*We believe, in God, as a real, personal God, the Heavenly Father, composed
of Divine Love as His Essence, and all the wonderful Divine Virtues such as
Goodness, Mercy, Kindness, Compassion and Patience, and eager to have His
children turn to Him in earnest prayer to obtain His Love, so that our souls
can be changed from human souls, the image of the Creator Soul, into divine
souls filled to abundance with His Love and Essence through prayer to Him,
in this world and in the next, throughout all eternity.
*We believe, that God is One, Unique and Alone, Who has never appeared in the
flesh in any guise or form, nor has ever manifested a spirit body, the
vestment of the human soul after the death of the physical body. God is the
Living Personality Divine, our Eternal Heavenly Father, Who is ever seeking
the happiness of His children, and Whom we may know through our soul
perceptions awakened by faith, prayer, and the inflowing of the Divine Love.
*We understand, that sin is simply a violation of God’s Laws of Perfect Harmony, a
penalty for which must be paid by our souls including on entry into the spirit world,
where, now a spirit and subject to God’s Spiritual Laws, our abode therein
is determined by the condition of our souls. Hence the soul out of harmony with
perfect law dwells in a place of some suffering and darkness as it goes through a period of expiation until it achieves purity. The achievement of such purity is what has been
called forgiveness. No soul purity may be achieved through any vicarious atonement, or shedding of blood, the relic of barbarous practices among primitive men, but only as we realize our injuries and errors and repentant, seek reconciliation with God through prayer and undergo the period of purification (emotionally and spiritually, on earth or in the spirit realms).
*We understand, that the condition of our souls is not fixed forever at the time
of our death in the flesh, but that whether on earth or as a spirit, we may
at any time turn to God and seek to be purified of sin, and that the great
help in purification, and, indeed, in the converting our souls and their
imperfections into divine souls like unto that of God in Essence, is through
earnest prayer to God for His Divine Love and Mercy, so that we achieve
At-onement with God and a place in His Kingdom, the Celestial Heavens, of
which Jesus, the Messiah, is Master and Prince of Peace.
***The simplicity is that Releasing emotional injuries to forgive those who harmed us, assists us to be open to emotionally Long (pray) for Divine Love and Truth; while openly and emotionally longing (praying) to God allows our Free Will to receive Divine Love from our true soul Parent, (via the spiritual conduit called the Holy Spirit) which if we allow it, will assist us to release our injuries and errors that harm others and ourselves,
The Divine Love will then transform us eventually to a Divine Nature fitted for the Celestial Heavens ….and along the way receive then Divine Truth via The Conscience receptor of our soul (which is then be processed though our minds thoughts)….
Simple…no need for Organized Religion (though can be practiced by any person of any organization….any human being who wishes to discover their perfect soul beneath the layers of injury and error and further experience the stated transformation of their Soul)
PS: Our soul is in the image of God’s soul hence has masculine and feminine characters and traits and expressions as our true soul Parent does, and came to earth to become aware of these dual aspects….also to be able at some point after the soul is transformed by Divine Love (and Truth) to be in a Fully Aware Union once again (totally Snychcronised then with every decision and action in harmony with THE love and truth) and continue an infinite journey with God, be At-One love and receive further growth by longing for further Divine Love!!!
Why would we then hesitate to Release and Receive?
Because we have Freewill to Choose, our first Gift from God, and we swim in his love while we choose not to receive it…. we are so perfectly and divinely loved…..time to stop holding our nose, open our heart and soul and start toward our Divine Nature

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