DIVINE LOVE Dedication/Dedicators series

*See below for definition/explaination also…
In the previous 2 posts and the next, I am going to share the spiritual path Dedication I practice, (to the best of my ability). It is not an organized religion….it is though practicing religion if one takes the literal meaning of Religion as understood by many to be true, being the practice of RE-connecting with God on a regular basis, through prayer, longing for the reception of Divine Love into my soul.
For myself and others, the goal is achieving At-Onement with God (not atonement), hence a New-birth or becoming Christed as Jesus was, and invited us to be through his teachings of the 1st Century, which sadly it seems, has been lost in translation from future versions of the texts.
I identify as a child of my true soul Parent, God, (as I like all souls, was created perfect, though became unperfected by my earthly environment’s injuries upon me, familial and societal; along with my own errors developing from such injuries) now a Divine Love Dedicator practicing Divine Love Dedication, with the intention of receiving Divine Love and becoming of a Divine nature, having emotionally released noted injuries and errors. Residing in God’s divine Celestial realms then, immortally.
Following are some points from a summary of what Divine Love Dedicators understand (Following the definition/explaination), while remaining open to further truth as our soul is perfected and then transformed into a Divine nature, by the love essence of our soul Parent, God….

****The difference between what are regarded as two paths, the Natural Love Path and the Divine Love Path, is, essentially, the amount of Divine Love that beings have been able to acquire.’

Dedicator Definition:
To set apart for a deity or for religious purposes; consecrate.
To set apart for a special use
To commit (oneself) to a particular course of thought or action:
To set apart for a deity or for religious purposes; consecrate.
a. To open (a building, for example) to public use.
b. To show to the public for the first time:

***We open our Souls to Divine Love,
*We do share with/show to the current general public, often for the first time the existence of divine love as an actual substance, We set apart God as our deity,
*We do commit ourselves to a particular course of action with Divine Love and our thoughts are that this is the supreme substance available to all,
*We don’t set it apart for special use because it is available infinitely 24/7 to every human being (though it is special and does have special uses),
AND we CERTAINLY commit to this particular course of Divine Love Dedication,
***Hence the Divine Love Dedicators title/description of ourselves…
*It comes to us through the Holy Spirit and we do become Christed when we become AT-One (not same as atonement) with God regards the level of divine love substances quality within our soul….(exactly how Jesus became the Christ, we can all become christed)….and enter the Celestial Heavens where all who have become christed reside and are immortal…
***Further Divine Love Summary Points
• The best attitude is never to be adamant about beliefs that are not really known to be true, but rather to be open to new truth (be in humility).
• With this attitude, progress can be quite rapid in the spirit world, because spirits in higher states are keen to help spirits in lower states if they are willing to learn new truth. A personality who is self-reliant may find himself stuck in one location for centuries upon centuries, whereas others who become God-reliant and embrace the Father’s Divine Love may typically progress into the Celestial Heavens within minimum three years, or longer by personal choice.
• This process also occurs on earth, but because of the low state of earth, many of the influences are negative (since even spirits in the lowest condition of love have access to the earth sphere).
• Here, too, like attracts like: negative spirits are attracted to those in a negative state on earth, while higher spirits seek to help those receptive to reaching a higher state.
• However, we are all a mix of positive and negative, and so are subjected to both positive and negative influences, which require discernment.
• Closed-mindedness holds back progress; for instance, a guru perfect in natural love who believes him or herself to be god would be temporarily stuck (albeit perfectly happily) in the perfected human sphere.
• At-onement involves not only acting lovingly but actively wanting to act in that way; for example, adulterous thoughts even are “adultery in the heart”.
• Wanting to act in accordance with love is possible by experiencing and releasing (but not acting upon) the ‘causal emotions’ underneath the unloving desire.
By far the most effective way to grow in soul condition is to ask for and receive the Father’s Divine Love.
The receiving of the Father’s love will set in motion the dissolving of causal negative emotions, if we allow, slowly bringing about a perfection of one’s soul condition, with a choice to further trasnform our soul to a Divine Nature condition with further Divine love, able then to reside in the Celestial heavens.
• Love does not demand anything of anybody else or seek to control, and is self-fulfilled, so sometimes what we think of as “loving” is not, and vice versa.
• For example, if something feels like self-sacrifice it is unloving to self, so either the recipient of the act is being unloving in receiving it or the actor does not yet have desires in accord with love.
• The material body is connected to the spirit body energetically by what is termed a ‘silver cord’. When that cord is broken the physical body dies.
• In the sleep state, the spirit body (which does not need rest) can engage with other people in the sleep state or with other spirit personalities. Thought travels faster than the speed of light. We are each transmitters and receivers with specific frequencies. In this way we may connect with anyone we focus upon and communicate with them.
• It is possible to remember the sleep state activities of the spirit body, but we usually don’t.
• Of enormous benefit to all is to prepare one’s self for entry to the spirit worlds. Any preparation that one undertakes while in the physical state will greatly benefit them, even if it is only a little preparation. To become aware of the availability of the Father’s Love and to seek it with sincere, longing Prayer is the greatest gift opportunity one can give oneself.

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