DIVINE LOVE Dedication/Dedicators series

In the previous and the next couple of posts or so, I am going to share the spiritual path Dedication I practice, (to the best of my ability). It is not an organized religion….it is though practicing religion if one takes the literal meaning of Religion as understood by many to be true, being the practice of RE-connecting with God on a regular basis, through prayer, longing for the reception of Divine Love into my soul.
For myself and others, the goal is achieving At-Onement with God (not atonement), hence a New-birth or becoming Christed as Jesus was, and invited us to be through his teachings of the 1st Century, which sadly it seems, has been lost in translation from future versions of the texts.
I identify as a child of my true soul Parent, God, (as I like all souls, was created perfect, though became unperfected by my earthly environment’s injuries upon me, familial and societal; along with my own errors developing from such injuries) now a Divine Love Dedicator practicing Divine Love Dedication, with the intention of receiving Divine Love and becoming of a Divine nature, having emotionally released noted injuries and errors. Residing in God’s divine Celestial realms then, immortally.
Following are some points from a summary of what Divine Love Dedicators understand, while remaining open to further truth as our soul is perfected and then transformed into a Divine nature, by the love essence of our soul Parent, God….

• There are said to be 6 spirit world spheres, numbered simply to make understanding of growth in love taking us to greater harmony and happiness easier for the human mind to grasp. Spheres 1, 2, 4, and 6 are natural love dominated spheres. That is, the spirit personalities that progress through these spheres generally are unaware of the Father’s Divine Love. For those who embrace the availability of the Father’s Divine Love they will typically progress from the 1st sphere and then to spheres 3, 5 and 7. The 7th sphere is the transitional sphere into the Celestial Heavens. These spheres are understood to be within our local solar system.
• Our souls are created from the energy substance of ‘natural love’. There is nothing of the divine within our souls at the time of our creation. Souls at creation are not immortal.
• The 7th sphere (transitional) can only be reached through receiving ‘divine love’ which requires genuine longing for God’s divine truth and love in humility (this is ‘The Way’).
• The step of becoming at one with the Father is the point that one enters the Celestial Heavens. We are then constantly at one with the Father, at-onement.
• You can progress through the Celestial Heavens, becoming more in harmony with God,s love and truth, moving into eternal/immortal realms, taking the ride with God infinitely. These are not numbered as many overlap, all being homes for soul personalities at differing soul conditions, still receiving Divine Love.
• As one grows in love, the energy of the love has its own gravitational attraction. As you develop you are drawn to plains within spheres and then spheres that match your soul condition.
• Your soul condition aluminates your spirit body. Thus it is clear to other spirit personalities as to the level of the soul condition of other personalities. A spirit person whose soul condition matches another or is of a higher condition can recognise another’s emotional issues clearly through the ambiance and radiance of one’s spirit body.
• Humility has a special definition, in this context, as a longing to feel one’s emotions so as to release negative emotions (without acting upon them) and embracing gift of the Father’s Love. ‘The Way’ is the process of asking for and receiving the Father’s Love, the Divine Love. The Divine Love energy perfects our natural love and progressively assists us dissolve emotional injuries and damage that have become encrusted around our soul, which is also our personality.
• ‘Prayer’ also has a particular definition, referring to a genuine Longing for God’s truth and love, from our soul, felt in the heart, not in words spoken aloud or in the mind. Mindlessly repeating learnt prayers are pointless, although mind images of receiving the love assists the heart.
• God never communicates with us through words, usually only through feelings (from which our mind can then process into thoughts and words).
• If we hear words or voices, they are those of spirits, who, depending on their ‘fruits’ may be discerned as loving as (and higher than us, seeking to help us) or unloving (sometimes attempting to masquerade as Loving). The content of the communication will identify the level of love of the spirit person connecting with you.
• It is always possible for a spirit person to visit spheres lower than the one they have currently attained but normally not higher spheres (although occasionally this can occur, if deemed appropriate, with the help of someone from a higher sphere). The energy of a higher personality can be very discomforting for a personality from within a sphere of lower soul conditions. Only when our own soul condition develops sufficiently in love are we drawn to a higher sphere.
• As to go to a higher sphere prior to being ready, one would find the conditions very uncomfortable. The radiance and energy differentials would be painful to the visiting spirit personality.
• Jesus was the first on this planet (though maybe not the first if other planets exist and are included) to reach the Celestial Heavens,however now many others previously from this planet are believed to have also reached them.
• Jesus of the first century, when he died, entered the 1st natural love sphere, like all of us will do.
He then proceeded to open the divine love spheres 3, 5, and 7, and continued on to open the Celestial Heavens spheres. This he did before his resurrection.
• This is the highest a human has ever been able to proceed to within the spirit world straight from earth.
• We all enter the spirit world straight into the 1st sphere (which has many levels). After a period of acclimatising, so to speak, we are then drawn to the location where our soul condition bests suits us, for some in the 2nd, and a rare few in the 3rd. Many are drawn to the lower Spheres of Disharmony of which there are three.
• Like attracts like….the current state of the soul determines one’s location in the spirit world, and this location will be populated by like-minded spirits. There is spirit world gravity which is the matching of the gravity with one’s soul condition that draws a soul to a specific location of habitat.
• Nevertheless, life goes on in the spirit world, where progress can continue indefinitely.
• At-onement with God is required before entering the 8th sphere (Celestial Heavens then), and this can only be done through the receiving of divine love. It is the receiving of and the blending of Divine Love with our natural love soul that re-perfects our soul firstly and then the Divine Love proceeds to fit us for entry to the Celestial Heaven should we continue to ask for and receive more and more of the Love.
• Perfection in natural love is sufficient to be in the 6th sphere (which is said to have been the original level of the Garden of Eden). It is only the encrustments around the soul from our earth lifes injuries and errors that prevent this perfection being realized.
Our first parents, Aman and Amon, (or who they personify) where the first ensouled human beings and consequently were without sin / emotional error or injury at the start of their ensouled life.
• Since ‘the fall’ (which is said to have involved humans wanting or believing themselves to be god and living independently of the Father), the state of earth descended, (along with the three Spheres of Disharmony being lower than sphere 1) in the spirit worlds. Earth is currently emerging out from its lowest condition.
• Aman and Amon rejected the Father’s Divine Love and subsequently its availability was withdrawn for a time. The birth, realisations and actions of Jesus brought about the return of the availability of Divine Love for us all.
• However, sphere 1 has many levels, the highest of which are much better than the current state of earth, while the lowest are worse.
• The souls of children who die young or are unborn enter ‘Summerland’, which is the top of the 1st sphere, and receive further instruction and spiritual growth choices of Natural or Divine love progression. ‘Summerland’ is like earth perfected.
• So, for each soul, there is really just one (potentially infinite) life that continues from the material earthly life through the spirit life. Reincarnation does not occur, nor is it a loving concept or necessary.
• A personality has a soul, spirit body and material body. The spirit body is the template for the physical body and the place through which the soul expresses itself, to the ability of its current condition.
• The spirit body has more capabilities than the material body, and increasingly so as the state of the soul progresses. The physical senses are greatly amplified in the spirit body and this becomes evident upon the shedding of the physical body.
• Art, music, science, philosophy, etc., continue in the spirit world, at a higher level than currently occurs on earth (except in the lowest parts of the 1st sphere and the spheres of disharmony).
• Actions on earth affect the state of the soul, both positively and negatively, and the effects continue to be worked through in the spirit body when within the spirit world.
• There is no Satan or devil, although there are many degraded souls that are currently worse than any Satan we could probably imagine.
• Even so, the hells are not a permanent state, unless chosen to be by the soul, and all can eventually reach at-onement with God if they desire it. There is no place from which we cannot grow and recover from.
• The Spheres of Disharmony are places that a soul in very poor soul condition can continue in existence. That is, due to their very low energy levels, even the ambience of the 1st sphere would be excruciating for them.
• When a personality within any location of the Spheres of Disharmony begins to open up and seek assistance, such assistance will come from spirit personalities of the higher spheres. There are no places of eternal damnation.
• Death of the material body can be confusing because of false beliefs accumulated on earth through religion, philosophy, politics, science, etc. Most personalities do not readily realise that they have ‘died’ upon entering one of the receiving areas within the 1st spirit world sphere.
• Accordingly, there are still different religious beliefs (including atheism), ideologies, etc., within those natural levels of the first 6 spheres of the spirit world. Those who embrace divine love readily abandon earth based religions upon entering the 3rd or later on in the 5th spirit world sphere, transitioning to the Celestial Heavens from the 7th.

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