DIVINE LOVE Dedication/Dedicators series

In this and the next couple of posts or so, I am going to share the spiritual path Dedication I practice, (to the best of my ability). It is not an organized religion….it is though practicing religion if one takes the literal meaning of Religion as understood by many to be true, being the practice of RE-connecting with God on a regular basis, through prayer, longing for the reception of Divine Love into my soul.
For myself and others, the goal is achieving At-Onement with God (not atonement), hence a New-birth or becoming Christed as Jesus was, and invited us to be through his teachings of the 1st Century, which sadly it seems, has been lost in translation from future versions of the texts.
I identify as a child of my true soul Parent, God, (as I like all souls, was created perfect, though became unperfected by my earthly environment’s injuries upon me, familial and societal; along with my own errors developing from such injuries) now a Divine Love Dedicator practicing Divine Love Dedication, with the intention of receiving Divine Love and becoming of a Divine nature, having emotionally released noted injuries and errors. Residing in God’s divine Celestial realms then, immortally.
Following are some points from a summary of what Divine Love Dedicators understand, while remaining open to further truth as our soul is perfected and then transformed into a Divine nature, by the love essence of our soul Parent, God…..

• Our salvation is the availability of the Father’s (our true Soul Parent’s) Love, Divine Love.
• The core teaching, from the 1st century, is the availability of Divine Love and it is only by soulfully asking for and receiving that Love through longing prayer, that one can become fitted to enter the Celestial Heavens.
• What appeared to be complex teachings within the New Testament are simple and easily understood by anyone who realises receiving Divine Love was “lost” from the texts.
• The explanation of the ‘miracles’ one by one, outlines how typical daily events became amplified into fantasies. Jesus never resorted to any magic or anything that was contrary to God’s laws. Jesus was never able to override the laws of nature.
• The healing miracles mentioned in the New Testament are noted as only a portion of the healing events that took place. The healing events were and are the Father’s Love removing emotional injury and damage from around the soul of the person who is expressing great faith in the Father and seeking healing inclusive of emotional release.
• From time to time, since the life of Jesus, healing has been administered in the same way as that conducted by Jesus. It is possible that this may become a frequent occurrence moving forward.
• The christian Doctrine of the trinity is a flawed teaching. The Source Soul is God alone.
• God is a soul entity, outside and independent of the universe. The universes are creations of the Father.
• Neither Jesus nor anybody else is, or ever can be, God.
• By the term ‘holy spirit’ in the 1st century Jesus meant one of the energies of God, specifically the energy that enables receiving Divine Love and at-onement with God (other energies of God include the energy of creativity and the energy of life, there are many specific energies). The ‘holy spirit’ conveys the substance of Divine Love (Soul to Soul) to those who ask to receive it.
• Jesus simply realised a way to at-onement with God while still on earth, a way that can be followed by all. Jesus is now the most exalted spirit personality in the Celestial Heavens.
• The doctrine of the crucifixion as a sacrifice for the sins of others is a flawed teaching.
• The teaching of atonement of Jesus by his death and crucifixion is an error of great magnitude.
• No sacrifice of Jesus, no shedding of his blood and no vicarious atonement as it is called, can save a human soul from sin, or bring it into the love of the Father, or cause it to become a partaker of the divine nature.
• The absurdity of believing that God demanded that Jesus should die on the cross as one of the necessary accompaniments of his death, in order to carry out God’s plan for this death and make the payment satisfactory, is so apparent and absurd, that all of the spirits in the kingdom of the Father wonder that mortals can believe such an unreasonable dogma.
• God is loving, not punishing or vengeful.
• There is no judgment or judgment day. As we acclimatise to our new environment within the 1st sphere of the spirit worlds, following the shedding of our physical body, our memory progressively becomes very clear and complete in the details of all of our actions whilst on earth. Any unloving or harmful events that we had not resolved on earth, becomes acutely clear to us that we need to address these.
• Judgment is the passive awakening of one’s own memory.
• No one has the authority or capability to judge another.
• No man can forgive and absolve the sins/errors of another. Only God can forgive sins/errors.
The process of asking for and receiving the Father’s Love, along with releasing the emotional harm received and feeling of harm perpatrated is the process of forgiveness.
• The path to understanding God is either through the ‘law of compensation’ (karma) or ‘divine love’ (which Jesus called ‘the way’), the second being the journey with more ease and progression.
• Harmful actions to others and to our selves can be addressed through compensation – this can take a long period of time. By embracing the Father and receiving the Love, our emotional damage and issues will be progressively removed through our experiencing them, thus cancelling the need for compensation.
• Our journey of perfecting our soul by being self reliant can take hundreds to thousands of years and all That can do is fit us to reside in the perfected human natural love spirit world sphere. We cannot progress any higher by being self reliant. By embracing the Father’s Love, the greatest gift in the universe and that which Jesus made known, we can typically progress into the Celestial Heavens, within a minimum of a few or so years. Our journey in growth with the Father’s Love is then infinite.
• Whilst we remain self-reliant we are mortal. Only when we receive the Father’s Love, an aspect of the Father, do we become immortal.
• At the time of the creation of our soul, there is no aspect of divinity within one’s soul, simply perfected. We are not created immortal even though our soul is made in the image of the Father.
• Each soul that has been created is composed of masculine and feminine characteristics and qualities, as is God’s soul, hence in the image of.
• The two soul “halves” of a whole are ‘soul mates’ that can eventually become eternal partners in the spirit worlds after individualising/incarnating separately on earth and then entering and advancing further into the spirit and celestial realms.
• Each soul becomes two individualised personalities, one being male and the other female and can eventually at a point in the celestial realms become completely aware of their union, having realised they are the eternal mate of the other at an earlier stage of development, rarely though while still on earth.
• Reincarnation as normally taught is a false teaching. When a viable embryo is formed, a pre-existing soul-half is drawn to the embryo. The spirit body for the embryo is created by the arriving soul (and or the physical parent’s energy?). The soul then proceeds to energise the spirit body, never to be separated from that spirit body until Soul Union awareness.
The spirit body/etheric body, is the template for the physical body.
• After the crucifixion, Jesus materialised a body for a short period of time, after disseminating his own to the ethers, to prove the soul and spirit doesn’t die….this is not Reincarnation.

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