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Internal Acidity Balancing to Alkalinity

Last month I wrote about the causes of inflammation that bring havoc on our physical body including the brain, hence our health and wellbeing. This blog will be brief as I am short on time, the topic is too wide to cover here, so more than ever I recommend you do your own research…following up from the info below….

From a physical perspective it has been well noted and discussed over the last several years that acidity is a major contributor to our bodies health issues, particularly things like cancer, diabetes etc….

The major cause of acidity it is said is Sugar, (and the major cause of addiction to sugar is avoidance of our emotional load), aided by an unclean diet and environmental issues. Since it is difficult to avoid sugar And acid if we do not eat a Whole, Fresh, Seasonal Plant food diet, essentially one needs to be firstly Lessening the Demand on the Supply of unhealthy sugars and acids personally (processed, packaged, takeaway and meat products) rather than blaming the Suppliers…wouldn’t your agree?

My research has brought me to the knowledge that a top quality, pharmaceutical grade
Safe Soda; as in bicarbonate soda, is the front line way to address the issue physically of an acidic body. I have experienced promising results personally and once again invite you to do your own research.

I have also noticed that when I am compliant with the simple regime required with taking the bi-carb, (which historically I am not the best at being so) that I SOFTEN TO feelings and emotional flow and release (a great bonus since as noted previously our suppressed Toxic Emotional Load is the pre-requisite to most acidity hence inflammatory related causes, demands and issues, hence disease).

A few noted pointers from my Research:
*Extracellular fluids need to be a PH of 7.4
*We don’t make enough bi-carb within our own bodies due to being overloaded with sugar
*A high PH product does not mean high Alkaline
*High PH foods are usually healthy, however can only assist to keep our PH stable, not increase it to where is necessary to be if low
*When the PH of our blood is low, it leeches bi-carb from the muscles, tissues, organs and bones

The bottom line is we can improve our health by making some nutritional and dietary changes and raising the PH hence the alkalinity of our body….letting it do its job with ease rather than dis-ease….healing as we go….

Happy Researching….