Rather Than settle on New Year Resolutions I decided to consider some RATHER THAN Recommendations…in regards to daily life, (Recommendations rather than Resolutions) all worth Considering rather than Cancelling perhaps….
A Bakers Dozen…one for each month of 2018 and a favorite to take into 2019?

*Accept rather than Avoid
*Ask rather than Assume
*Compassion rather than Condescension
*Do rather than Doodle
*Describe rather than Dictate
*Discuss rather than Deter
*Feel rather than Freak
*Help rather than Hinder
*Justice rather than Judgement
*Live rather than Lament
*Pray rather than Ponder
*Serve rather than Subordinate
*Understand rather than Undermine

Remember, Our freewill allows Us to Choose each Recommendation….As Is or In Reverse,,, Our results will be Our barometer….Wholesome or Unwholesome…..Rewards or Regrets….

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