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WHOLEFOOD TRIVIA – Onions/Lentils/Olives

THESE 3 are all great for heart health, stabilising blood sugars, and staying cancer clear….

Available for about 5,000 years and having been used medicinally in India, they assist in lowering blood-sugar levels, improve glucose tolerance and help prevent cholesterol, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, strokes and heart attacks….also serves as an antibacterial that can prevent colon cancer….Serve in salads, baked, added to lentil dishes etc, and if in a hurry just saute and mix into steamed spinach.

There are many types available however the green and brown variety maintain their shape while the others are prone to become squashy and spongy. They contain magnesium, Vit B6 and folate..all good for healthy heart potentials,, have a high iron content and the fibre aids the feeling of fullness, and assists to stabalise blood sugar levels and prevent digestive disorders….Serve of course in soups, curries, dahl along with making into burgers.

These little beauties date back 7,000 years to ancient Crete, so of course Mediterraneans use them with a myriad of dishes etc…hence rates of heart disease, atherosclerosis, diabetes, colon cancer and asthma are Signifigantly Lower in these populations. Not to mention being full of anti-ageing Vit E. Cold-pressed, organic virgin oil is best…Add to beans and pulses to make a dip, dip your bread in it, drizzle on salads and bruschetta, smear through hair to condition and smooth over face to moisten.