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SLEEP Matters

In Being Well Basics – Its All About Flow, being a Handbook I completed a few years ago, I dedicated a page to Hibernation due to sleep being such a prime need for healthy outcomes. Recently that need was reiterated by a medical expert who when asked; what is the most important requirement for good health? answered: Definitely SLEEP. So thanks to the Sunday Mail insert Body and Soul from August 2016 I present the following points regards SLEEP.

3 Keys for Good SLEEP:
DURATION: Adults need 7 to 9 hours, Adolescents 9 hours, 10 year olds (and younger) 10 minimum.
TIMING: Best overnight, be well and truly sound asleep by Midnight through to dawn which is the body clocks programmed best times.
QUALITY: If you are waking up tired consider if you are snoring, have sleep apnoea, restless legs or other insomnia issues that need attention.

If you wish to make better dietary choices, increase your desire to exercise, generally have more energy; then better SLEEP will have the most profound and positive impact on these areas of lifestyle.

For TEENS going to bed at the same time on school nights and sleeping in no more than 2 hours weekends assists good SLEEP along with stopping the use of Technology and dimming lights earlier assists challenges of getting enough SLEEP.

SHIFT WORKERS can increase their risk of some diseases due to sleep deprivation and it is suggested going to bed and waking up at the same time every day to balance this. If possible SLEEP until just before you need to get up to go to work. Napping may assist also, providing no longer than 15 minutes.

OLDER PEOPLE tend to have lighter SLEEP and experience more awakenings which lead to insomnia from the worry of such happenings; which further contributes to fatigue and daytime tiredness, hence further worry. Go to bed a little later, avoid daytime naps if you want to fall asleep and SLEEP for longer stretches is the key.

Further general basics for SLEEP enhancement are: Exercise daily, Avoid coffee after 12MD, reduce sugar and refined carbs in diet, have a light dinner, create calming bedtime habits like diming lights, enjoying a chamomile tea, and join the advice for teens by ceasing technology activities earlier in the evening.

Hopefully these keys and hints are helpful as SLEEP is a must for good health as mentioned, and also is stated as being the only time our brain is detoxed Via the spinal cord. Any other sleep disturbances like baby waking through the night, or dogs barking etc please Google for advice.

Remember in times gone by SLEEP was a given….a WISE must do!!! So get wise and get SLEEPING!!!