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What’s With WATER

Other than the very basic fact that after oxygen Water is the next important thing we need to function….(though one would never think so considering the small amount consumed by many) water has many benefits….along with cooling us down in Summer, (whether we drink it or dive into it) hence this post at a time many parts of Australia is experiencing heat waves….

Following are some I have become aware of:
*Regulates our body temperature
*Composes Min. 75% of our brain
*Assists in preventing headaches (& aids clarity)
*Helps carry nutrients and oxygen to cells
*Helps body absorb nutrients
*Helps convert food to energy
*Moistens oxygen for breathing
*Protects and cushions vital organs
*Cushions joints
*Removes waste
*Assists with Emotional Release (eg: grief, fear, anger)
*Makes up approx. 92% of blood cells
*Makes up approx. 75% of muscles
*Composes 22% of bones

Pretty cool eh…..and with all these benefits, definitely makes it the coolest drink to consume….and the hotter we are and the more we sweat the more we need to replace this vital fluid….