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It is around this time of year that many of us start burning the candle both ends as the saying goes…it is timely then to consider the following page from Being Well Basics – Its All About Flow, a Handbook I put together…if you would like a complete copy emailed contact me on

Regeneration is an important part of the function of being well for obvious reasons and of course needs to balance with hibernation to maintain FLOW. It goes without saying that basic personal hygiene is a vital component of regeneration, including of course oral hygiene.

Do less, do more is the basic communication of cells and too much of one or the other, initiates disorder, leading to wellbeing dysfunction. Every time we select healthy, fresh, seasonal food we are refuelling our Nutritional Density to allow our cellular structure to regenerate and retain the Yin Yang balance needed to maintain vitality.

Nature is our mother of regenerators. Ensuring contact with the earth (generally called Earthing or Grounding) is regaining popularity and it is recommended we make contact with the earth at least 40 minutes per day. This can be done by going barefoot on tiles or concrete floors, walking on the grass etc. We are not able to earth with carpets and wooden floors; however hugging a tree of course earths us. There are products available which can earth you while operating your computer and/or when you sleep. Research/Google for more information regarding suppliers etc. Due to wearing synthetic shoes most of the time, we are rarely earthing ourselves and this encourages inflammatory and other challenges to hinder wellbeing. Earthing assists to reverse this. If you would like to view a document regarding this, feel free to email me.

Sun, Fun and (healthy) Socialising are good ways of increasing regeneration. We seem to have developed a great fear of the sun and 10 – 15 minutes per day exposure will not harm anyone who doesn’t have allergies to it or such. The best way to regather some Vitamin D which is highly important for all bodily functions, is to be out for 10 minutes or so with at least half arms exposed, sunscreen free, as close to midday as possible each day in winter. Face towards the sun but don’t look at it, for maximum Vitamin D absorption. Earlier in the morning and later in the afternoon during summer is best. Please research and make your own decisions regards any Sun exposure.

On the subject of stress, research has shown that the more we are under noise or other stress the likelier our magnesium levels will be lowered and the lower our magnesium levels the more easily we are stressed. This of course tips the Yin Yang scales regards cellular structure communication, risking lowered normal regeneration. It is advised that the best way to absorb Magnesium Chloride is via soaking in a bath, footbath or as a mouthwash first thing each morning. Simply add flakes to a spray bottle, dissolve and spray on body or in mouth. Magnesium chloride is more effective than magnesium sulphate.

Remember, regeneration is impaired if not reminding ourselves to become aware of our denied, trapped emotions, the addictions we have to hold them at bay and recognise the myriad of disorders suppressed emotions initiate. Giving ourselves permission through Emotional Competency to be aware, feel and connect with these trapped energies, converts them to Energy in Motion allowing maximum, healthy FLOW potential.