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GUT STUFF – Waste Management

Another page from the handbook I completed a couple of years ago…the emphasis on the gut has increased further in wellbeing circles since then and is now considered vital. Just email if you would like a free copy (I don’t store contacts unless requested)

Along with raw and whole Food consumption, clean air and water, an absolute necessity for wellbeing is maintaining a healthy gut and waste-free system generally.
I read recently about the fact that more serotonin is stored in the gut than the brain, so keeping our gut flowing and clean has a positive effect on mood. To do this we need to ensure that we are keeping waste moving through the tubes and that the oxidants are being released properly, out through the pores, breath, bowel and kidneys, not hanging around in our systems.
A diet that includes fibre and roughage is an old adage that hasn’t gone out of fashion. It is also good to be aware of parasites and cleanse our systems on a regular basis, inclusive of a day or more of having very light food intake only. Research Psyllium Husks, Bentonite Clay and Coconut Oil as aids for clearing candida/mould and parasites.
A Raw Food Journey for 3 – 10 days every few months assists the systems, particularly the gut. This involves having only water, raw vegetables and fruit, from arising on the first day to retiring on the last day. Otherwise a few days of healthy smoothies and/or juices works well; if your current wellbeing is up to these regimes.
It is worth doing some research to check just what you are eating and what IT has actually consumed itself, when it comes to any animal flesh in your diet. Also be aware that the more animal protein you include in your diet the more acidic your system becomes and the higher potential for oxidants. Consider also how loving the growing and processing of the food you consume has been, particularly animal husbandry practises.
In the acidity stakes, included are any drinks that are aerated along with caffeine, nicotine, dairy products, peanuts, canola and safflower oils. These lower your pH and leave you exposed to compromised gut and other wellness outcomes. Some foods that are acidic themselves like oranges and lemons alkalise your system and are powerful antioxidants. Drinking the juice of one lemon first thing in the morning (always rinse with water after) or adding fresh lemon/lime to daily water assists greatly.
Emotions also have either an acidic or alkaline affect on your body. Suppressed emotions like anger, fear, shame, envy, grief and stress are acidic. The toxic residue of these can be released if they are allowed to be felt and to flow out. (Emotion comes from the Latin roots Ex and Motio, signifying outward movement). Alkalising emotions are the ones with natural fluidity like kindness, love, compassion, prayer, truth and peace.
It is also worth researching a list of foods high in antioxidants, for example blueberries and other berries along with red kidney beans etc, to ensure the continual removal of waste from your body. This will enable free FLOW through the tubes, further assisting the ability of the vital nutrients, minerals etc to be absorbed and enhance the work of the cells and systems.
Both probiotics and traditionally fermented or cultured foods are ways of keeping the gut in good order, along with prebiotics (see earlier post for list) and the waste in FLOW.