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Below is the page on Prayer from a Handbook I put together a couple of years ago, entitled Being Well Basics – Its ALL About Flow….

Prayer and especially praying to receive the pure love of our divine soul parent is certainly about allowing Flow….if you would like a free copy of the Handbook (18 pages of information) please email

Praying can be a most powerful action to assist us to maintain harmony and wellness. You may already simply sit and contemplate, ruminate, postulate, reflect gratitude or meditate.
Espousing a whole range of words is one way of praying, however with feeling and sincerity it will far more likely touch base and receive a response.
What many have found effective is developing the faith that we are sovereign individuals of the primordial source, that our soul/centre/true-self was created by that great source, Soul/Creator/God, whatever term you choose. By sincerely longing from an emotional place for the love of this infinitely loving, divine original being, that has no name actually (we love to label), the pure love will surely flow and enter us through the unique conduit for this flow of love.
It is said we can be healed by this love (in times of severe illness) or otherwise by longing/praying regularly we can transform into our healed true-self, steadily and surely.
We are always loved by our Creator, though it takes love of self, sufficient to ask, to receive directly into our true-self this love. If we are not open to it, it will not be forced upon us due to the original law of free will; however you may well have received it at times of open humility without conscious memory of asking.
It matters not what belief system you follow, even if atheist, when you genuinely pray from the heart not the head, this perfect love is available to all and comes without discrimination. Even the criminal who is genuine in the asking will be obliged. Give it a go, simply ask, you may be pleasantly surprised and certainly no harm will come.
You may observe positive changes in yourself and your approaches to life whichever form of Prayer you use. It can often be an instant response if you are receiving the pure love from The divine original Creator source.
Many integrative medical practitioners and even allopathic ones, are now beginning to state that those with faith and open to prayer are in an enhanced position to recover, at higher rates than average when illness does enter their life. This is whether they pray for themselves or when others pray for them.
With trusting intention, an open heart and mind, let that which is pure, loving, healing and transforming FLOW.

Birthday Songs

Today Nayana my younger Grand-daughter is turning 13 on 16/06/16 and I have written the song below for her which was sung by a friend Dana and recorded in her friend Tony’s studio.

And below that is the song I wrote for India Rose my older Grand-daughter who turned 12 on 12/12/12 sung also by Dana and recorded in Tony’s studio.

When I work out how I will post the mp3….for now enjoy the words of: Nayana Visioning and India Dreaming….

Can you imagine creators all
Seeding for our needs
Sharing, caring, gifting and preparing
Stripping now all our greed’s
Imagine a true eternal power
Moving forward to only love
Enhancing, dancing, delighting and soul dancing
Shower us now from up above

Your eyes, your eyes, your eyes
Beautiful eyes
Nayana Visioning, Nayana Visioning
Children of love and freedom
Compassion Nations building
Paris to Paradise, cities of Love

Seeing our future forward
Let’s not bow down to be just fashion
Feeling growing reaping and rewarding
Now with true compassion

Seeing us all together
Creation of harmony
Blessings and emotions
Release a world of peace
Seeing us all together
Creation of harmony
Blessings and Elations
Release a world of peace

“Children of freedom, places of love, nations of compassion, a world of peace”

Your eyes, your eyes, your eyes
Beautiful eyes
Nayana Visioning, Nayana Visioning
Children of love and freedom
Compassion Nations building
Paris to Paradise, cities of Love x2

Sitting by my window
Taking in a new season
Looking out on freewill
It’s here for a reason

Twelve is the day, the month,
the year, it’s time
Lovin, Livin life
It’s not a crime

India Rose is steppin out
Hand in hand with humility
Tell the world, shout it out
Moving forward in unity

Don’t go chainin my soul
Let me take your hand
With our eternal hearts
Let’s celebrate this Dreamin land

No need to go chasin rainbows
Ride them instead
Creator provides our abundance
And keeps us in good stead


Presents are not promises
Kisses are not contracts
Truth and love is reality
Teasin out the facts

Here we are, you and I
No need to force
We are all sovereigns
Of the primordial source

Chorus (harmonising)