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EMOTIONAL COMPETENCY – Important Repeat Blog

I established this blog in APRIL 2014 to take information gathered by myself and connect it to you from time to time…..most of it I have either learned from, experimented with and or put into practise, and have received benefits from the majority.

In MAY 2014 I posted the below Emotional Competency blog….which is worth repeating ANNUALLY….due to it being the basis of understanding that Suppressed Emotions affect us individually, familiarly, societally and globally consistently.

Whether we believe in a Creator Source Soul or not, Our Soul and consequently Our Spiritual and Physical wellbeing are consistently affected by these emotional injury loads, none of us are currently free of this. While we ignore this we cannot progress our potential of retrieving the pristine, perfect Soul we individually began as automatically then reflecting in our physical and spiritual health as we progress. Instead we will continue to be in error and disease of varying types and consequences.

Emotional Competency

The majority of people are in denial regards their suppressed emotions. It is this situation that attracts and or causes most stress. Well documented is the fact that stress is the basis of most illness and other barriers in life.

Emotional Competency assists in rectifying this and includes:
A) Ability to recognise that trapped/suppressed emotions exist that are being denied or resisted.
B) Openness to connect with emotions (one by one) and invite expansion of the contracted space
C) Willingness to Feel each emotion (Layer by Layer), maintain focus and let emotion flow while being microscopic in awareness
D) Allowance of expression and release of the core

The primitive part of our brain cannot differentiate an internal threat for example suppressed anger being triggered from an external threat for example a tiger ready to leap.

Emotional competency retrains this primitive portion to realise internal threats can be dealt with WITHOUT igniting flight, fight, freeze or freakā€¦.