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CheatnRepeat Post

Due to being a little busy the rest of this month I am repeating a post from November 2014. It regularly amazes me how many people over-stress about not getting enough protein.
Please note the first figure noted after the Vegetable is the protein, the second fat….and the fat directly from whole vegetables has to be good fat…plus, healthy plant based diets are good for stress anyway. Just add some almonds and other nuts to enhance these amounts.

Protein Parcels
There is a great myth out there that we cannot gain enough protein if Vegetarian or especially if Vegan. The following list obviously debunks that. Some good fats in there as well, less than perhaps means no fat in some cases. Note these measurements are based on just 100g (3.5oz) of each vegetable listed.

Vegetable 100g (about 3.5 oz) Protein content (g) Fat (g)

Asparagus 3 less than 1g
Eggplant 1 less than 1g
Broccoli 3 less than 1g
Brussels sprouts 3 1.4g
Cabbage 1 less than 1g
Carrot 0.5 less than 1g
Cauliflower 3 less than 1g
Celery 0.5 less than 1g
Fennel 1 less than 1g
Squash 1.5 less than 1g
Leek 1.6 less than 1g
Lettuce 0.7 less than 1g
Mushroom 2 less than 1g
Okra 2.4 1g
Onion 0.7 less than 1g
Peas 7 1g
Peppers 1 less than 1g
Potato 1.6 less than 1g
Pumpkin 0.5 less than 1g
Raddish 0.7 less than 1g
Spinach 2 less than 1g
Sweetcorn 2.5 1.5g
Tomatoes 2 1g
Turnip 0.8 less than 1g
Watercress 3 1g
Yam 2 less than 1g