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Who are We….Really

Social norms and other demands upon us have us mainly go from one convergence to another….superficially evolving our characters as we go from one circumstance or experience to another…while mainly devolving and hiding our true self….generally due to fear and an addiction to being ‘accepted’…
I touch on this damaging treatment of ourselves in the below excerpt from Being Well Basics – Its All About Flow completed a couple of years ago….if you would like a free copy please email me at

On the previous page of this handbook is a statement on a colourful piece of artwork telling us we can trust our soul?

To me our soul is our True Self and is not situated in the mind however is labelled by scientists as the sub-conscious. It does though affect the mind and intellect. Our Soul/True Self certainly can be increasingly trusted as we clear the clutter from its emotional memory banks through receipt of Divine Love and Emotional Competency.

We mostly don’t present our real self even to ourselves. Following are topics to assist us on our journey to discover and transform our real self; emotionally, physically and spiritually. Leveraging these three allows us to evolve into our true self while healing at maximum potential.

Our true self, originally and ultimately is totally an emotional being. Our current real self, is reflected physically and spiritually from that wholly emotional base. This truth has been denied us by the emphasis on the mind and intellect, both of which will be empowered in any case the closer we move emotionally to our original true self.

Firstly however we all have our personas that we present to ourselves and others that cover our emotional injuries and errors which are too painful to admit, feel or divulge. Some pain/injuries we have cleared and others are trapped, including since childhood, supporting our errors and any false beliefs. This all weighs down our quest for complete wellbeing and in fact, disables mindfulness.

Often the only way to get some attention as a child was to give up being our true self which soon became a habit. Then we forget our true self, hence an injured real self develops and the Masks are formed to protect us further. Our true self is in fact a part of us we do not see with the naked eye, nor do we feel it if we are closed to exploring and finding this original Self, which the majority of us are.

Research called HeartMath has now claimed there is like a “small brain” sitting at the back of our heart that can assist us with much understanding of our-self and others, more easily than years of accumulated knowledge can. From my personal perspective, this is what I would recognise as true self/soul. Further, many people understand we have an energy body including chakras that are the roundabouts of energy flow, while still others feel that it is possible for some form of “consciousness” to be Always ongoing.

A dictionary definition for Self: The total essential or particular being of a person, the individual. Ones consciousness of one’s own being or identity, the ego. Individuality. One’s own interests, welfare or advantage. Somewhat confusing definition, or maybe completely correct?

Some of us call the true centre/core of Self our Soul, our Essence, our Spirit, our Subconscious, Psyche, Ego etc. It is a personal choice of how deeply we explore towards this central true self, however whenever we are not recognising our current condition which is our current real self, we are denying our innate gift of discovery and FLOW.