There are several colours in the capsicum family and they are generally available all year. They are brimming with Vitamin C and beta-carotene and can be quite sweet enough to be eaten like an apple as well as their uses in salads and stir-frys etc.

Capsicums are a powerful defence against free radicals, hence they have been reported to assist with protection from strokes, heart attacks and cancer, reasons included being due to their high content of B6 and Folic Acid, which reduce levels of homocysteine within the cells of the body. They also contain Lycopene which is said to protect against cancer of the pancreas.

Capsicums stuffed with a tasty/spicy cooked rice blend (especially Brown Rice) and baked is a yummy dish or addition to a meal. Add colour to a crunchy cucumber salad with an assortment of red, green and yellow capsicum. Make a simple Arrabiata Sauce by adding capsicums and a little chilli to a basic tomato sauce for a scrummy Pasta dish.


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