Monthly Archives: November 2015

Soul Cleansing Love

Years and years of personal endeavours to step away or above undesireable habits and personality traits that become harmful to others and one’s self have been mainly futile. We all innately want to grow in our love for our self and of others.

Our beautiful loving personality that we are blessed with at conception/incarnation becomes encrusted with errors and injury issues of those around us, our environment, particularly during our early childhood. Yes, the suppressed denied emotions of those living around us during our early years, becomes encrusted over our pristine soul, thus clouding our radiance into dullness.

Our (true eternal) Parent wants what is actually best for each of us and is a source of light that’s willing to give it to each of us, but only at our soul and hearts request for progressive union with the divine. Not our Injured Self’s needs for wants and things.

It is only with the infusion of the Love that the Father conveys via the Spirit conduit do we start to dissolve negative issues, habits and personality errors from our soul and personality. Our personality is part of our soul structure.

All we need do is ASK for this Love. An earnest longing and desire for the Father’s love means it will never be withheld. As the Love permeates through our soul, emotional injuries and errors of personality will slowly but surely dissolve.

Over time, as we progress along our way of asking for and receiving this love, the natural love which our soul was blessed with prior to conception will be progressively transformed into Love that is Divine. This Divine Love will slowly emerge as radiance through our being, exposing our true personality.

With this Love we will find any harmful personality traits and habits become a distant memory. With this Love, we will find ourselves Unable to harm others or ourselves. With this Love we will find our quality of life blossoms and joy starts to emerge in all aspects of our life.

With this Love we become immortal. Only with this Love may we become fitted for the Heavens that our Parent designed for us all. Just ask with faith and confidence to long (pray) for more divine love to flow. Yes, just ask verbally and long emotionally from a place of humility and truth!

Enjoy the transformation.