Enhancing Harmony and Unity with Allowance

If we are to achieve Harmony it is imperative to look at our control tendencies and abilities to forgive…..following is the page on Allowance from the handbook, Being Well Basics – It’s All About Flow….. I put together early last year….if you would like a copy email wellthcreation@outlook.com

It is surely through allowance that we will come to a state of unity with all our brothers and sisters, across the nations, cultures, creeds and races. Gandhi said “Be the change you want to see in the world”. However, if we are not open to allowance we mainly cannot change.

Allowance firstly sits with ourselves; it incorporates forgiveness and if we are struggling to forgive ourselves we will struggle to forgive others. Contrary to some biblical quotations, the original pure source God from my experience is all forgiving, unconditionally loving and never judgemental, wrathful or punishing. Which begs the question, what are we doing to reduce our wellbeing if we sit in a state of un-forgiveness and deny allowance individually or collectively?

There are Laws of Nature/Universe/Creator that take care of all things done out of harmony with love and truth. This is not to say that bad things don’t happen to good people and certainly they are not to be condoned, while perpetrators do need to take responsibility and feel the harm they have caused.

Being able to allow and forgive and see the innate good within each and every person, is incredibly beneficial, empowering our journey to our ultimate wellbeing (We ALL have some form of injury or error masking said goodness).
We are assured to find our way back to the pinnacle of creation that we are with more ease, through letting go and letting allowance become our reality.

The more we can walk towards this state of sitting with allowance, the more our fear will be challenged and released from us, hence lessening our magnetism/attraction to further fear based experiences. The very experiences which would then need further forgiveness.

I am speaking of adults of a free society when I suggest embracing allowance. Children can certainly be innocent victims of their environment and the emotional and other injuries within it. In fact, when we are denied allowance of lovingly embracing the basic gift of freewill, along with fresh air, clean water, wholesome food and safe shelter, any one of us can at the very least, be restricted in living a full life.

It is possible when fully open to allowance to love even the criminal while not liking what they do or condoning it. A gentleman comes to mind, whose family was affected by a fatal criminal act. He went to speak to the perpetrator as part of a Victim Impact initiative and when I attended a presentation of his not long afterwards, he had forgiven and was loving in his conversation regards the person. This provided an opportunity for all to heal, allowing their wellbeing and personal journey to be enhanced.

We do need to connect with the painful emotion caused by another, feel it fully and release it to be able to forgive, providing allowance for our own and others FLOW towards wellness?

“Non-Forgiveness is like drinking the poison and waiting for the other person to die”

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