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Mud Slide – a Gut Spring Clean

Please adjust or remove any ingredient or measurement to suit yourself.
Please be sure to drink minimum 1 glass of water prior and 2-3 glasses of water in the following 1-2hours so the Slide doesn’t become a cake after consumption, we want to clean not clog.

Also I suggest for a day, weekend or week, whichever you choose to complete a Gut Spring Clean that you have the Mud Slide for breakfast, then a Salad for lunch (with simple oil and lemon dressing) and a Smoothie for dinner or vice versa Off the List of Prebiotic foods noted on the blog previous to this one with the fruits and almonds mentioned for snacks.

Adjust to any personal tastes or sensitivities and remember our wellbeing is our own individual responsibility.

Mud Slide
3 Dessertspoons Ground Linseed/Flax
1 Dessertspoon Pysillium Husk
1 Dessertspoon Bentonite Clay
1 Dessertspoon Chia Seeds (Activated or dry)
2 Dessertspoons Chocolate flavour Protein Powder
1 Dessertspoon Raw Cacao Powder (optional)
1 dessertspoon Coconut oil and or a shake of cinnamom (optional)
Cold Water to mix
Hot Water to blend to a smooth liquid (will become jelly like due to pysillium expanding) or extra cold water in summer.

*** Use a plastic spoon for measuring Bentonite Clay and continue to use to blend and eat (metal is said to reduce the effectiveness of the clay).

Happy Spring Cleaning