Cocoon Retreat

Create and/or Facilitate a Cocoon Retreat
For yourself and/or others…..

A Cocoon Retreat is held in your home or another’s, seeking within; free of usual patterns, comforts, habits and addictions. Duration wise, it can be for a day, a weekend or a week.

Cocoon Retreat Creation provides opportunities to nurture the wellbeing of your body & soul over a day, a weekend or a week. It requires a willingness to reflect and connect with self and or others, Creator and or Creation, with options of support via Phone, Skype or Face to Face.

Learn more about loving self and others through:
Nurturing practises, natural and divine love, truth, emotional honesty, and wholefoods for more harmonious, sustainable living and soul care…
Discovering causes for our physical and emotional behaviours/addictions and dis-ease…

These retreats can be adapted to your current needs, interests or personal development situations. They are excellent for anyone post-chemotherapy, at life change intersections or simply retreat to treat or reward yourself at the start of a holiday break for example. You choose the why, how, when and for what purpose.

Watch this space for more information, choices etc to assist you to plan, design, create and complete your own Cocoon Retreat. But don’t wait for me, maybe simply be screen-free for a day or complete a Raw Food Journey for the weekend. Try to sit without doing a thing, not even meditating for 30 minutes only and see what presents itself……


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