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Wholefood Trivia

BROWN RICE (Almost Whole)

Brown Rice is a most unadulterated variety of rice, stripped only of its most outermost layer. Hence it retains the vast majority of its nutrients, making it a healthy inclusion or addition to meals.

Being high in manganese and fibre, its helpful for protecting both the nervous and digestive systems as well as promoting a fuller feeling after eating. The Manganese content assists in easing Asthma, high Blood Pressure and Migraine while adding to prevention regards heart disease. Also contains phosphorous
which is vital to the very structure of the body’s cells.

Use it to make a yummy Risotto, Vegetarian sushi rolls, Rice pudding, and is yummy cold or hot with apple, banana, sultanas, berries and almond milk stirred through. Also of course an obvious accompaniment to Asian dishes, especially curries and sweet and sour dishes.