1 Year Today

It is 1 year ago today I posted my first actual blog.

The blog commitment is as a reference point for myself (and others if they wish to access) of things of interest I discover/learn regards Wholefoods, Emotions, Love, Learning, Truth and Harmony in the quest for Health and Happiness creation.(Wellth Creation)
To recognise 1 year gone so fast (a lot of references to time at the moment) I am re-posting the first post…..it’s one that I certainly need to be reminded of.

Emotional Competency

The majority of people are in denial regards their suppressed emotions. It is this situation that attracts and or causes most stress. Well documented is the fact that stress is the basis of most illness and other barriers in life.

Emotional Competency assists in rectifying this and includes:
A) Ability to recognise that trapped/suppressed emotions exist that are being denied or resisted.
B) Openness to connect with emotions (one by one) and invite expansion of the contracted space
C) Willingness to Feel each emotion (Layer by Layer), maintain focus and let emotion flow while being microscopic in awareness
D) Allowance of expression and release of the core

The primitive part of our brain cannot differentiate an internal threat, for example suppressed anger being triggered, from an external threat, for example a tiger ready to leap.

Emotional Competency retrains this primitive portion to realise internal threats can be dealt with WITHOUT igniting flight, fight, freeze or freak….

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