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Bit Late (Celebration Inspiration)

After considering the restrictions of time in the earlier post I am hoping the recipient of this Celebration Inspiration is not too tied to time either as her birthday was 16 April (only a fortnight ago) and heading off with a gallop towards the next one, was that really 14 days ago???

I know you had an enjoyable day so with the inspiration for the inspiration below borrowed and the words original, this is my gift to you Sandra.

“If Love were Natural, why don’t we consistently feel it like the air we breathe in its life giving blessing, why don’t we drink it in like the water our body knows it needs, why don’t we shower it like the rain that refreshes and sustains the land, why don’t we absorb it like the nutrients we seek for survival, why don’t we share it like the energy of the universe, why not gift love like we do carefully wrapped presents…..if it’s a natural part of us……perhaps because we forget that is our natural state consistently”

Too Long

It has been over a month since I have posted on here as I was out and about exploring and catching up for several weeks….in fact I saw a couple who are old and good friends I had not seen in 23 Years or there about, another more like 26 years and only briefly at that due to time restrictions for us both.

Another was only after 10 years which seemed really like yesterday by comparison, certainly an exercise in appreciating that time waits for no-one.

Is there really any such thing as time? A question worth contemplating.

On this Island continent of Australia prior to 1788 there was no word for time even, not in any of the almost 300 Language groups of the Original Peoples. Neither was there a word for Thankyou uttered its seems, with everything simply being gifted and shared, with the guest being welcome on the hosts land (providing the guest didn’t become Better off than the host) and entered via an amicable and agreeable manner (usually by Message Stick, Songlines, Trading Tracks etc).

Imagine the Harmony this could all bring to our environment and us if maintained in a loving manner. Just for a start if we weren’t the clock-watchers we are, how much more could we in fact achieve from a Health and Happiness perspective.