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Stepping into Harmony – Via Simplicity

Simplicity is the gateway to many things, including abundance, regards time and freedom. Certainly it is a prerequisite to harmony, compared to materialistic chaotic endeavours. I invite you to ponder a page from my Being Well Basics – Its All About Flow, handbook…if you would like a complimentary copy please email

Let’s get started with the topic of Simplicity to prepare us to begin noticing, finding, allowing, loving and healing our real self. Slowly but surely then we are able to discover our true self, the pristine creation we began as and are able to return to.
In our fast paced, intricate and intense world today with information overload, demands and expectations piling up, instilling Simplicity into our life feels for some like a huge challenge. Simplicity however can alleviate many of the negative impacts affecting our lives. Contrary to popular belief, it certainly doesn’t need to equate to a boring existence.
From a foundation of Simplicity a more enjoyable existence is possible and more is usually achieved. Most often we clutter ourselves up to avoid feeling our real self condition.
By returning to the storehouse of our innate core values we can embrace Simplicity. This leads us to consider and respect ourselves and others equally, by simple displays to both of service, kindness, gratitude, self-responsibility, honesty and loving actions etc.
Staying clear of toxic relationships is a great simplifier. Having the humility to look at where we personally are contributing to the chaos with an attitude or demand upon ourselves, others or the environment certainly helps. Learning to say ‘no’ to our-self and others including those close to us also frees us up, enhancing awareness and wellbeing.
Keeping our surrounds, diet, dress, grooming and consumerism organised and simplistic, day to day, allows any adornments to our lifestyle to stand out, be celebrated and appreciated without taxing our time, energy and resources. This is not to say that our dress or beauty regime cannot be glamorous in its Simplicity if that is our preference, or to deny true abundance, gifts and activities that bring us joy.
The 80/20 Theory points out things like how 20% of goods within a general store for example are purchased 80% of the time, 80% of the time we wear 20% of our wardrobe. The author of this theory says we can learn academically even, by applying it to most study texts. If we were to consider this at all times, over-consuming and hoarding could be a thing of the past, freeing us up to enjoy the 20% we favour 80% of the time minimum.
Debatably, the best way to have Simplicity add value to our life is by de-cluttering, giving us more space and FLOW for the important things no matter what our current environment is.
With increased Simplicity our day will unfold with ease more effectively, hence more is achieved without pressure on our wellbeing.
Whether at your workplace or home; physically, soulfully or intellectually, de-clutter and simplify, to enjoy the subsequent freedom that will FLOW.

“Complexity is your enemy. Any fool can make something complicated. It is hard to make something simple” Richard Branson