Celebration Inspiration

Today is the birthday of a friend who embraces the motivation and search towards peace, hence this Universal Peace Prayer is chosen on this day to inspire us all in our peaceful desires. Timely inspiration never fails to deliver on time.

Shaped by Satish Kumar and read for the first time publicly in London, the capital of my friends birth country, by none other than Mother Teresa, in the Anglican Church, St. James, Piccadilly.

Each day at noon people of all faiths and None are encouraged to use this prayer, it acts as an invitation to work together one and all, while assisting all of us towards consistent goodwill.

Lead me from death to Life,
from falsehood to Truth;
Lead me from despair to Hope,
from fear to Trust;
Lead me from hate to Love,
from war to Peace.
Let Peace fill our Heart,
our world, our Universe.

NB: Remember to achieve Peace, we need to Release (the barriers within ourselves), and to Heal we need to Feel (all that builds the barriers to peace)…….From Me….


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