Pondering Purpose

We are coming up to that time again when we reflect on the year just experienced and contemplate on our goals for the year to come. What if we make resolutions and they fail? What if we fail to make them? What if they fail to satisfy us? There is mostly a lot to be learnt, gained and celebrated by failure, that we fail to recognise actually.

If we were to simply seek out our passions and desires that are in harmony with love, would we even wish to make resolutions or be concerned if we kept them? I have copied below a page titled PURPOSE from a Handbook I completed earlier this year (Being Well Basics – It’s All about Flow) and offer it as something to contemplate for the future. If you would like to be emailed the complete Handbook, please contact me at wellthcreation@outlook.com

It has become fashionable in personal growth circles to suggest we ask what our purpose is. This is a fashion however, that stays in the wardrobe mostly and doesn’t get worn by many, even then not often. We are assured that we all have innate goodness and through self cultivation we can reveal and grow this goodness; however do we truly know for what purpose.

The subject of Purpose needs to encompass asking questions consistently regarding what purpose things have in our life. What is the purpose of something occurring within our knowledge sphere or environment? Is there a purpose to what we are doing in the moment etc?

A purpose will usually incorporate a goal or outcome of some kind which is mainly determined by how strong our desire to accomplish it is. How purposefully we live our life in line with loving passions and desires, most generally dictates our personal satisfaction and wellbeing outcomes, while maintaining our FLOW of happiness and achievement.

The purpose of human life at its most basic is to individualise into the unique being each one of us are and to use reason and faith to grow. By embracing our freewill we choose the colours that we paint our pathways through life.

Every experience quite obviously shapes who we are and the things we do now create our future. How purposefully are we then living each moment and are we purposely in the moment?

Our community and family experiences originate from the experience of the individual, while at the same time we are a product of our environment. Therefore it bears considering that the only way to make a change is to make it with purpose, not through age-old generational habits.

Asking ourselves “Am I purposely grateful? Am I purposely sincere? Am I purposely motivated? Am I purposely truthful? Am I purposely receiving? Am I purposely engaged? Am I purposely aware? Am I purposely living? Am I purposely eating? Am I purposely serving? Am I purposely nurturing? Am I purposely loving?” will keep us on track.

Add any other purposeful questions that you can think of that are important personally, to assist being purposely and abundantly well.
Whether our current situation is a challenge or a breeze, purpose maintains our forward FLOW.

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