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Protein Parcels

There is a great myth out there that we cannot gain enough protein if Vegetarian or especially if Vegan. The following list obviously debunks that. Some good fats in there as well, less than perhaps means no fat in some cases. Note these measurements are based on just 100g (3.5oz) of each vegetable listed. Why would we not wish to choose to eat only Wholefoods.

Vegetable (100g) about 3.5 oz Protein content (g) Fat (g)
Asparagus 3 less than 1g
Eggplant 1 less than 1g
Broccoli 3 less than 1g
Brussels sprouts 3 1.4g
Cabbage 1 less than 1g
Carrot 0.5 less than 1g
Cauliflower 3 less than 1g
Celery 0.5 less than 1g
Fennel 1 less than 1g
Squash 1.5 less than 1g
Leek 1.6 less than 1g
Lettuce 0.7 less than 1g
Mushroom 2 less than 1g
Okra 2.4 1g
Onion 0.7 less than 1g
Peas 7 1g
Peppers 1 less than 1g
Potato 1.6 less than 1g
Pumpkin 0.5 less than 1g
Raddish 0.7 less than 1g
Spinach 2 less than 1g
Sweetcorn 2.5 1.5g
Tomatoes 2 1g
Turnip 0.8 less than 1g
Watercress 3 1g
Yam 2 less than 1g

Summer Sense

Summer is almost upon us and if at no other time, now is the time to stay well hydrated. Below is a page from the notes to self I completed and titled Being Well Basics – It’s All About Flow. It gives some information around the reasons for staying in flow with good clean water. If you would like to be emailed a copy of the complete Handbook contact me at

There is a lot of talk about water these days; bottled water sales are booming. How many of us truly consume good clean water consistently or enough to keep us fully hydrated? Even mild dehydration can drain your energy and have you feeling tired.

Water is certainly a gift for life and it is reported that about 60% of our body weight is water, with up to 80%-plus of particular body parts consisting of water. An Australian Originee Elder who was fully initiated to the land, culture and knowledge of her people, is reported as saying “We humans are the Clever Water!”

If we are clever regards water, we will in fact ensure we consume around two litres or so per day with a little more in summer if in a warmer climate. Be sure it is not all at once or a dehydrated brain may become over-hydrated, which has its own serious challenges. Aside from other beverages, 8×8 ounces (8x240mls) of water throughout the day is a good basis – a little more for men. Remember it will depend on how active you are, the effect of any other fluid consumed, your current health status, where you live, the season etc.

Those of us who eat a diet of mainly vegetables and fruit naturally gather some extra fluid, while caffeinated drinks and alcohol can actually dehydrate our system. I personally consider water itself as much part of a wholefood regime, as the above mentioned fruit and vegetables.

Also, every day we lose water through breath, perspiration, bowel movements and urine. In fact dehydration is stated as being one of the most frequent causes of hospitalisation.

Water carries nutrients to the cells, removes toxins, provides moisture for ear, nose and throat functions and is our body’s principal chemical component. When we feel we are hungry we are often in fact thirsty; try drinking some water first to clarify. Water also assists us in maintaining a healthy spine, hydrating the support system for the discs.

Of course it is good to ensure it is clean water, chlorine filtered out, mineral rich with a recommended alkalinity pH of 7.0 through to 9.5 wherever possible. To aid this, supplement by absorbing magnesium chloride through the skin or in whole foods. Also ensure that calcium, which can be found in greens such as broccoli and beans, soybeans and most fruits, is in the diet, with dried fruits having higher levels of calcium it seems. Magnesium affects many, many enzymes; I suggest some personal research regarding this.

According to ancient teaching in the Kabbalistic tradition, water can be blessed by using one of 72 words for God, being VAV MEM BET, said to restore the water to its original divine state.
Water increases FLOW and our systems LOVE FLOW.