Love – The Absolute Variety

Divine Love (Agape Absolute)
True spirituality is growing in love.
DIVINE LOVE – what does it do?
The divine gift from asking for and receiving divine love will steadily, but with certainty, raise one’s quality of life and also those around such a person who is seeking and receiving this love. The receipt of this Love is achieved by a sincere longing (true prayer) from one’s Created Soul (in the image of), to the Divine Creator Soul.
The receiving of Divine Love, which is a substance, with certainty progressively:
 Raises one’s love for those around them.
 Raises one’s perception of all things – naturally grows one’s soul intelligence, reflected in natural intelligence.
 Assists one to feel and resolve negative emotional issues.
 Humility becomes self evident. Humility enables one to feel all their emotions and when in error at all times.
 Divine love dissolves errors, emotional stress and untruths.
 Divine love, including by assisting with the removal of emotional injuries/errors, enhances one’s health.
 Divine love enables one to become more childlike – not adult serious at all times.
 Divine love raises one’s capability of feeling – no longer needing to be controlling.
 By becoming feeling orientated, one no longer is mind/intellectually dominated.
 The Law of Compensation process is more readily resolved with Divine Love.
 Receipt of divine love grows our faith.
 As our faith grows our intensity to ask and then receive divine love grows.
 We begin to follow our pure passions and desires, no longer fear driven.
 Truth being told at all times progressively becomes a way of life.
Man creates his own environment; seeking divine love can vastly improve it.
 Health carers receiving divine love achieve healing outcomes beyond expectations.
 Receiving divine love may bring a struggling marriage back into harmony.
 You become God/Creator reliant, instead of self reliant, self responsibility however is then enhanced.
 Personal growth in this love can assist the soul condition growth of one’s children.
 Divine love escalates one’s rate of soul condition expansion.
 Divine love is a substance that cumulatively changes the human soul to a Divine Soul.
 Without divine love, one cannot progress into the Celestial Spheres (True Heavens).
 Divine love enables everlasting Love and Life in His mansions of the Celestial heavens

“Never can one do more for another, than by making it known to them of the availability of Divine Love.” JD

What is Divine Love?
The Divine Love differs from the natural love of man with which he was endowed when created, which belongs to all humans, and which they all possess in a more or less perfect condition. The Divine Love is that Love which belongs to or is a part of Creator God, possessing Creator’s Nature and composed of Creator’s Substance, and which, when possessed by a human soul to a sufficient degree, makes him divine also and of the nature of Creator, pertaining to love. Enhancing the natural human love in the process.

How does one receive the Divine Love?
Through true soul longing, people who with all the sincerity of their minds And Souls (are confident) that this great Love of the Creator is waiting to be bestowed upon each and all of them; and that when they come to the Creator in faith and earnest aspirations, this Love will not be withheld from them. And, in addition to this, that they pray with all the earnestness and longings of their souls that they will open up their souls to the inflowing of this Love, and that then may come the conduit (holy spirit) to them to bring this Love into their souls in such abundance that their souls may be transformed into the very Essence of the Creator’s Love. The soul who will thus have faith and pray will never be disappointed, and the Way to the kingdom will be his as certainly as that the sun shines by day upon the just and unjust alike. (This love “as we receive it” surely builds in our soul, dissolving the error, to the point of new-birth.)

No special rituals, doctrines, beliefs or intermediary’s are needed for the receiving of this divine love, simply the pure desire to receive, the will to ask as it will never be forced upon us; and the faith to long soulfully/heartfully while asking from a space of truth and sincerity……“personal truth and acceptance of our current status (humility) is an important prerequisite for our ability to opening to, seeking for and receiving divine love from our Creator”.

Truth is discovered from our true original parent as we receive this divine love of the Supreme, dispelling false beliefs and enhancing awareness of all around us. Our freewill is always honoured, with The Love never being forced upon us, though always there for us. Never will we be punished if we don’t seek this relationship.
God is the Source of Truth. If you want to discover Truth, go to the Source, and do not be satisfied with second or third hand information. The only way to find Truth is to experience it for yourself and in yourself. What you may experience, and thus verify, in your heart — is a great truth. Creator is always loving and always waiting for us to become aware, that no matter our current condition we qualify for this truth and love.

It is easy to summarize Jesus’ gospel in a few words: “God is Love. He offers His Love to all His children, that is to say, to all humanity. Moreover, He is always a personal God who invites us to enter into contact with Him, should we wish to do so. He will listen to us and He will answer.” (No matter our current situation or beliefs/practises).

Experiment with a sincere heart and longing, regularly from a place of truth and humility (including disclosing if you don’t believe a loving creator exists) to receive divine love. You may well be surprised and certainly no harm will result from any confident and direct efforts.


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