Wholefood Trivia

They are by far my favourite fruit hence I am happy to note their benefits below.

Bananas are believed to have originated in Malaysia about 4,000 years ago and were exported to India and the Philippines. The main producers of Bananas these days are Costa Rica, Mexico and Ecuador with Australia surely following closely behind.

Potassium found in bananas assists in control of blood pressure levels and is a tonic for the heart it is reported. Also they are helpful regards prevention of stomach ulcers, and assist in movement through the digestive tract, as well as aiding prevention of eyesight loss in the elderly population.

Bananas assist with energy levels, are a great treat at a bbq wrapped in foil after being drizzled with Maple syrup. Perfect take-away food to have on the run and recent reports state if you boil the skins and drink the cooled liquid it is very good for addressing depression (be sure they are organic for this recipe especially).

NB: When you place a banana in the fridge, the ripening process will be damaged to an extent that it may never ripen even if brought back to room temperature. Since it is best not to eat bananas before ripened, best to be sure to only place in fridge After fully ripe.


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