Salt of the Earth

The list below Does Not refer to any table salt and please consider any personal medical condition or advice over any information here or elsewhere. Leafy greens are a great place to access sodium.

Natural real salt like Himalayan, Black Lava or Celtic Sea will assist with balancing acidity from cells, reducing the rate of aging, enabling proper Adrenal (Endocrine) gland function (wish I had known that long ago before wrecking my Thyroid), making bones firm, regulating blood pressure (of a person with normal range-anyone else research further), nerve stimulation and communication.

All in all a very important addition to the Wholefood List(ensure it is properly collected from a clean area), up there with clean Water and fresh Air it seems.

Not sure why I don’t like it, perhaps because I am usually low in supply due to developing a fear of it from the media when I used to indulge in such folly. Remember don’t up the anti with the table salt, ditch IT.


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