Wholefood Trivia

Aubergine (Egg Plant)

This plant was introduced from China and Africa into Europe initially and was used as decorative additions to gardens for centuries due to the beautiful colour.

Having a mild flavour they complement stronger, more pungent vegetables, though don’t purchase if it has a waxed skin as it provides the best benefits when the skin is used of the standard variety.

Egg Plants contain nasunin, said to protect brain cells from free radicals and assists to reduce cholesterol and improve blood flow. Also contains chlorogenic acid which is powerful for fighting free radicals.

Slices an be brushed with olive oil, topped with garlic and placed under griller (serve as is or peel and blend with garlic and other spices into a yummy dip), or add to a lentil and garlic salad. Add chunks of pre-boiled Aubergine to Goulash or Vegetable Curry for some extra heartiness.


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