Wholefood Trivia

My least favourite Vegetable until recent times, enjoying it now only in its fresh state (I was made to feel nauseous as a child by the smell emanating from the can of Asparagus as it was opened). It was about the Only thing coming from a can at our table thankfully.
Asparagus is generally regarded as a luxury vegetable and served in gourmet restaurants. It has been prized for its medicinal benefits for more than two millennia! It originated in the Mediterranean and was cultivated in Ancient Egypt.
Its benefits include that it contains folate, a B-Vitamin that keeps your cardiovascular system healthy and assists in pregnancy. Also contains potassium as well as inulin, which is a carbohydrate digested by the Friendly bacteria in the gut and with gut health so important for all the other systems this is good reason to consume Asparagus.
NB: It is renowned for the strong odour it adds to urine; this is not due to any problem with it so don’t panic.
Beautiful as an Appetiser; lightly steamed, drained and tossed in Coconut Oil with a sprinkle of Black Pepper. Add to Vegetable soup for some zing, serve with other vegetables for main meals and Asparagus goes great on toast for breakfast with tomato and mushroom.


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