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Emotion Page

The last few days I have had several discussions with people regards Emotions, what to do in public if an emotion is “triggered” etc. I am pasting below the page on Emotions from my Being Well Basics Handbook….which includes an Exercise that may be helpful in a public situation regards emotions.

Our familial and societal structures have developed a belief system that it is not good to allow an emotion to be felt unless it is of an acceptable calibre such as happiness, celebration, joy, delight or some other positive expression. This leaves us with a load of blocked, frozen, trapped, suppressed and denied “negative” emotions creating havoc and disharmony upon our wellbeing; physically, psychologically, and spiritually.

From the time we are conceived we have projected upon us from our environment, emotions that are unexpressed and hence trapped within the psyche of our parents, family members and other close contacts. Before our feeling centre has been shut down we, like animals, are super sensitive to the unfelt emotions of our human company. So we begin to gather their emotional injuries, even before pacifiers and other modes of suppression are used upon any of our own emotional feelings that are judged as being “inappropriate”. The harm inflicted on children from encouraged emotional suppression carries on to be a challenge throughout life. If there is one awakening I would like to see, it is the Awareness that emotions are healthy to be expressed, even those that are not positive (while ever we are not harming another), as they only become disharmonious when not allowed to FLOW hence then are projected at another knowingly or unknowingly.

There are a range of modalities to assist with the connection to, unblocking and releasing of emotions. They may include Journaling, Cure by Crying therapy, Bodywork, Psychotherapy, Emotion Code, Kinesiology tools, Flower Essences, Emotional Competency (comfortable for most), Holistic Pulsing, along with basic Express/Release techniques. The receipt of Divine Love through sincere prayer greatly enhances all forms of Emotional Release.
Most people do fear if they start releasing emotions they will be overwhelmed, will go crazy or activate illness and other concerns. If we don’t release trapped negative emotions allowing fresh ones to flow these very things are more likely to occur. The harder you resist emotions the harder they kick back and create Stress, which is well documented as creating illness.

An exercise that can be helpful: If you are emotionally triggered/challenged, and resistance kicks in; 1) Observe the contraction, relax and allow expansion, remain aware of the physical sensation arising in the body, maintain your focus on the sensation and flow with it to where it goes or ceases. 2) Congruently, slow down your awareness to allow any emotion/s the freedom to arise, and then get microscopic in your awareness so the emotion/s can reveal themselves fully, moment by moment, and allow their expression to flow without judgement; whether emotions are of frustration, anger, shame, fear or grief etc. If you are in a public, work or other social situation, allow at least Step 1 to unfold, make a mental note and then at the first opportunity of private space, recall the trigger, go back to where the physical sensation either started or ceased, feel into that general area, expand emotionally and recommence1and 2. Unblock, allow FLOW and open to your full wellbeing potentiality.

If you would like further information on the topic of Emotional Competency, please contact me via the details at the back of this Handbook and leave a contact number, email or Skype.

Celebration Inspiration

Yes another so soon,,,,todays is for someone I spent bits of time with over a number of years…Enjoy

The best day of your life is the one
on which you decide your life is your own.
No apologies or excuses.
No one to lean on, rely on, or blame.
The gift is yours – it is an amazing journey –
and you alone are responsible for the quality of it.
This is the day your life really begins.

Bob Moawad
Inspirational Author, Speaker and Coach

Celebration Inspiration

An idea came to me last week to post some Inspirational Words quoted by some Person wise in That moment to Celebrate a Birthday or other important day of those who I know or come to my attention.
First one today is for the Birthday Celebration of my granddaughter Nayana.

We can grow great by dreaming,
We can dream simply to feel great,
You are great already
Dreaming or not
As is every one you know
Our dreams can be renewable
As can we renew our greatness
From delusion that we are not
When we are Action Dreamers
The results will speak
Even above the doubting
Dreaming is Reality in Waiting
Reality is dreaming in Action
Lainee 16/06/14

There you go I just dreamt I could be wise for a moment and I was inspired to dream a poem into Reality especially for you….
Happy Birthday Nayana XXX

Wholefood Trivia

My least favourite Vegetable until recent times, enjoying it now only in its fresh state (I was made to feel nauseous as a child by the smell emanating from the can of Asparagus as it was opened). It was about the Only thing coming from a can at our table thankfully.
Asparagus is generally regarded as a luxury vegetable and served in gourmet restaurants. It has been prized for its medicinal benefits for more than two millennia! It originated in the Mediterranean and was cultivated in Ancient Egypt.
Its benefits include that it contains folate, a B-Vitamin that keeps your cardiovascular system healthy and assists in pregnancy. Also contains potassium as well as inulin, which is a carbohydrate digested by the Friendly bacteria in the gut and with gut health so important for all the other systems this is good reason to consume Asparagus.
NB: It is renowned for the strong odour it adds to urine; this is not due to any problem with it so don’t panic.
Beautiful as an Appetiser; lightly steamed, drained and tossed in Coconut Oil with a sprinkle of Black Pepper. Add to Vegetable soup for some zing, serve with other vegetables for main meals and Asparagus goes great on toast for breakfast with tomato and mushroom.