To learn or not to learn?

Learning comes in many forms over many or all the years of life if we choose for it to. Following is a page on learning from my Handbook. If you would like the whole document of 22 pages covering 18 topics please email

To be a scholar of life, its processes, the gifts we have around us, to observe, study and create from what we have observed is something we do every day, if we are present with ourselves and life. Becoming more discerning in regards to what it is we are learning or have learnt, how it truly benefits or disables us in life and our quest for a harmonious state of wellbeing, is a good habit to nurture.
We learn by the example of our parents, close and extended family, friends, our teachers, our environment whether work, sport, play or religion and culture. We learn from our geography, topography and society, from interacting and from serving and giving.
It is said that we learn more before we are 5 or so than we do for the rest of our lives on this mortal coil. Some of our learning is helpful and some of it is harmful in fact, depending on the approach of our “teachers” to their own life, what they have learnt, how lovingly they apply and impart their knowledge and how astute they are regards actual wisdom.
Most important is what their motivations were for teaching us either through example or dictation. Knowledge is attained per rote and wisdom is gained from experience according to those leading the way. “Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit, Wisdom is understanding it doesn’t go well in a fruit salad” 
At regular points in our life it is wise to choose to open our mind and our heart and relook at what we have learnt, where it has brought us and how useful it is to US, how productive and loving we are because of it. To disassemble and reconstruct, firstly by ascertaining if a “learning” is simply a belief, an opinion, an idea (that developed into a habit), a fact, or an absolute truth. How ethically are we applying any sound knowledge provided and learnt.
Only through investigating, researching, experimenting and or experiencing, along with being truthful to ourselves is it possible to sort through and defrag what we don’t need. Further to this, add value by continuing to seek, learn and apply new knowledge for testing and application.
Sadly some of our earliest learning left us with emotional false beliefs that we are unworthy or shameful or stupid and other emotional residue. This learning then has an affect on any future learning and our approach to it, or our choice to deny ourselves of learning even. Therefore Much needs to be unlearnt, certainly from an emotional perspective.
Ideally we never stop learning and maintain a thirst for knowledge and truth throughout our whole life. It dawned on me recently that we are either enduring or enjoying and we need to endure lessons of life sometimes it seems, to come to enjoy the fruits of our knowledge, education and wisdom.
Seeking to learn the lessons of what is absolute truth, what is absolute love and how to maintain harmony with these, I feel is the pinnacle of all learning. Let real Learning FLOW.


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