Wholefoods Overview

The following is a page on Wholefoods included in a Handbook I completed a couple of months ago entitled: Being Well Basics (Its ALL About FLOW) “Views from a Lay Persons Perch”. I will post the page entitled Raw soon.
A friend dropped by one day, arriving with the statement “I am eating breakfast on the run” While we sat down for a cuppa she whipped a knife around the circumference of an Avocado, disposed of the seed, took up a teaspoon and began to scoop and eat.
This was Whole Food at its best; eaten raw, convenient, transportable, nutritious. Already packaged for Take Away!
Whole Foods are considered to be Fruit, Vegetables and whole Grains including Brown Rice and Oatmeal. Nuts and Seeds can be added to the list. Nuts are often best purchased within shells for freshness, added protein and cost less. Shelling also generally reduces the amount we eat. Grab a Nut Cracker.
If you fancy live food try sprouting seeds, legumes and grains.
A whole potato in its jacket instead of mashing or a whole apple instead of juicing is a good way to describe whole. In fact the more often you scrub/wash and leave the skin on vegetables the better. It’s a good idea to add a little Apple Cider Vinegar to your washing water if the produce is not organic.
Whole foods purchased in season, sourced closest to your local area and or from Farmers Markets makes for optimum eating. Organic/Biodynamic is of course a wise choice if you wish.
It is most beneficial to eat fruit for breakfast, or otherwise 15 minutes before any main meal as it is digested quite quickly. This then prevents any fermentation of the fruit caused by other foods breaking down, that have been consumed just prior to it.
Snacking every 3 hours on whole and wholesome foods is the most efficient way to fuel our system, optimising the nutrients received. This also assists the body to stop entering into starvation mode.
Be aware that every time you chop, shred, slice, dice or grate you are reducing the nutrition bundle of the product, however if it remains in a raw state much is retained.
It is said though that Juicing enhances nutrients if consumed immediately. Please research juicing benefits, I leave this subject to the experts.
Whole foods keep our systems and wellbeing FLOWING.


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