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Today I read in a Newspaper that women over 30 should be spending more time in moderate exercise, 150 minutes per day was suggested, which reminded me how inactive I am. Recently I completed a Handbook which started out Notes to Self and putting it together has challenged me on many issues, particularly the exercise issue. Being considerably overweight I recognise that my reasonably good health status for my age has much to do with the active exercise I was involved in up to my 40’s. I ponder though that exercise is not the only movement we need to be aware of and include a page from said Handbook below for your consideration…..AND MINE…thanks for the reminder Courier Mail.

Life, Love, Health, Laughter, Joy, Passion, Emotion, Success, IT’S ALL ABOUT FLOW and to maintain this FLOW we need to maintain unhindered Motion. Every internal part of our body in its natural state is in consistent motion including our brain, heart, lungs, intestines, kidneys, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, cells, lymph and circulatory system.
We need to be consistently aware of the effect sitting has on our body and its moving parts and systems. It reduces the motion of nutrients and energy through the body. The clear circulation of oxygen and the free flow of blood and lymph are all vital for our ongoing wellbeing.
Sitting also tends to form stiffness and blockages to clear flow throughout our spine, neck and shoulders etc. If this develops a curved or stooped frame, it impacts on the vital heart and lung organs hence reducing their full capacity to beat, inhale and exhale.
It is imperative to get up and move around every 30 minutes or so for around 5 minutes, whether from our desk or lounge. This allows the motion of venous return from our feet to be enhanced along with a return to mostly unheeded FLOW in the rest of our body.
Motion obviously includes exercise. It doesn’t need to be strenuous and can fit into our usual daily activities of gardening, housework, walking to work etc. Otherwise engage in a 30-40 minute walk at a pace enjoyable to you 4-5 times each week, Tai Chi or a similar practice.
The main catalyst for restricted motion within our energy and physical components is blocked/trapped/frozen negative Emotions that we deny, suppress or remain unconscious of. They are the very reason we develop compulsions and addictions, which are the arsenal used by the primitive part of our brain (amygdala) to create emotional disconnection, seemingly protecting us from what it sees as a threat. It cannot differentiate between an internal threat for example suppressed Anger being triggered and an external threat such as Tiger ready to leap.
This suppression keeps the emotion stuck in our energy system instead of moving through us like the weather (Emotion=EnergyinMotion) which then affects our physiology at some level along with our relationships and lifestyle goals and outcomes. Remember, suppressed emotions have a toxic physiology of their own, which impacts negatively on wellbeing.
Because we have a long history of being selective about which emotional expression is acceptable, most negative emotions have been trapped since childhood, or inherited even. They have then compounded with further emotional injuries added over the years, which are usually attracted by the initial trapped emotion which acts as a magnet for more of the same. From a health perspective the harder we push the emotion/s down the harder they kick back, hence dis-ease develops. Emotions are totally natural, allow them to FLOW.”
“Movement is life and life is movement”

To learn or not to learn?

Learning comes in many forms over many or all the years of life if we choose for it to. Following is a page on learning from my Handbook. If you would like the whole document of 22 pages covering 18 topics please email

To be a scholar of life, its processes, the gifts we have around us, to observe, study and create from what we have observed is something we do every day, if we are present with ourselves and life. Becoming more discerning in regards to what it is we are learning or have learnt, how it truly benefits or disables us in life and our quest for a harmonious state of wellbeing, is a good habit to nurture.
We learn by the example of our parents, close and extended family, friends, our teachers, our environment whether work, sport, play or religion and culture. We learn from our geography, topography and society, from interacting and from serving and giving.
It is said that we learn more before we are 5 or so than we do for the rest of our lives on this mortal coil. Some of our learning is helpful and some of it is harmful in fact, depending on the approach of our “teachers” to their own life, what they have learnt, how lovingly they apply and impart their knowledge and how astute they are regards actual wisdom.
Most important is what their motivations were for teaching us either through example or dictation. Knowledge is attained per rote and wisdom is gained from experience according to those leading the way. “Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit, Wisdom is understanding it doesn’t go well in a fruit salad” 
At regular points in our life it is wise to choose to open our mind and our heart and relook at what we have learnt, where it has brought us and how useful it is to US, how productive and loving we are because of it. To disassemble and reconstruct, firstly by ascertaining if a “learning” is simply a belief, an opinion, an idea (that developed into a habit), a fact, or an absolute truth. How ethically are we applying any sound knowledge provided and learnt.
Only through investigating, researching, experimenting and or experiencing, along with being truthful to ourselves is it possible to sort through and defrag what we don’t need. Further to this, add value by continuing to seek, learn and apply new knowledge for testing and application.
Sadly some of our earliest learning left us with emotional false beliefs that we are unworthy or shameful or stupid and other emotional residue. This learning then has an affect on any future learning and our approach to it, or our choice to deny ourselves of learning even. Therefore Much needs to be unlearnt, certainly from an emotional perspective.
Ideally we never stop learning and maintain a thirst for knowledge and truth throughout our whole life. It dawned on me recently that we are either enduring or enjoying and we need to endure lessons of life sometimes it seems, to come to enjoy the fruits of our knowledge, education and wisdom.
Seeking to learn the lessons of what is absolute truth, what is absolute love and how to maintain harmony with these, I feel is the pinnacle of all learning. Let real Learning FLOW.

Raw Page

This is another of the pages in my Being Well Basics Handbook
Raw is certainly gaining popularity with sales of Food Processors increasing, alongside all sorts of absolutely scrumptious dishes being prepared by more and more people.
A friend of mine is a meat inspector and was blown away when he found the choices at a Raw and Whole Food function were tastier and as filling as the meat he usually consumes.
I personally don’t often go down the Raw Chef track and simply make lots of Yummy Salads with healthy dressings. They can be wrapped in Pita or Turkish bread, rolls, etc but preferably not as most bread is highly processed. If you would like to learn how to prepare dishes that are Raw there is plenty of assistance available by some passionate people, just Google Raw Food Recipes.
Raw food assists Alkalinity balance, adds to our water and oxygen intake and is recorded as aiding in the healing of cancer and other disorders, along with increased immunity that enhances preventative Being Well conditions.
If you are eating only raw Vegetables and Fruit, your sugar and other cravings will in fact reduce or cease. Fruit is recorded as having enzymes to aide digestion and packs a punch of wellness with minerals, fibre, vitamins and water, along with great taste and sweetness.
As noted earlier, is more beneficial to eat fruit for breakfast or otherwise 15 minutes before a meal as it is digested quite quickly. This then aides digestion and prevents any fermentation of the fruit, caused by any other foods breaking down that have been consumed just prior.
Whatever weather or season, it is fine to consume Raw and I have found eating Raw in winter helps strengthen me against the winter blues and flu’s, while it is still enjoyable.
Raw is helpful in regards to increasing our energy while reducing the energy drain of resources that cooking entails. According to the experts, there is protein building amino-acids in all fruit and vegetables.
Wanting increased energy and nutrient Flow? Go Raw for a day, a week, or a lifetime. Start with baby steps, try fruit and organic yoghurt for breakfast (coconut yoghurt is yummy), replace mid-afternoon coffee with a juice (cold pressed preferably) and simply add more fruit for snacks and salads/raw vegetables to main meal plates. Grated zucchini, carrot, onion, beetroot, yellow sweet potato and butternut pumpkin are great raw additions. Grated ginger and sauces can spice these up or a squeeze of lemon or lime juice.
80/20 of Raw/Cooked is a good percentage balance. Remember when eating Raw to consider a small intake of Good oils, some suggestions being Coconut Oil, Virgin Olive Oil, Sesame Oil, plus a little quality salt such as Himalayan or Deep Sea each day aids calcium uptake, a pinch added to water bottle is ideal.
Jump into the Raw Revolution and let your vitality FLOW.
“Let medicine be thy food and let food be thy medicine” Hippocrates

Wholefoods Overview

The following is a page on Wholefoods included in a Handbook I completed a couple of months ago entitled: Being Well Basics (Its ALL About FLOW) “Views from a Lay Persons Perch”. I will post the page entitled Raw soon.
A friend dropped by one day, arriving with the statement “I am eating breakfast on the run” While we sat down for a cuppa she whipped a knife around the circumference of an Avocado, disposed of the seed, took up a teaspoon and began to scoop and eat.
This was Whole Food at its best; eaten raw, convenient, transportable, nutritious. Already packaged for Take Away!
Whole Foods are considered to be Fruit, Vegetables and whole Grains including Brown Rice and Oatmeal. Nuts and Seeds can be added to the list. Nuts are often best purchased within shells for freshness, added protein and cost less. Shelling also generally reduces the amount we eat. Grab a Nut Cracker.
If you fancy live food try sprouting seeds, legumes and grains.
A whole potato in its jacket instead of mashing or a whole apple instead of juicing is a good way to describe whole. In fact the more often you scrub/wash and leave the skin on vegetables the better. It’s a good idea to add a little Apple Cider Vinegar to your washing water if the produce is not organic.
Whole foods purchased in season, sourced closest to your local area and or from Farmers Markets makes for optimum eating. Organic/Biodynamic is of course a wise choice if you wish.
It is most beneficial to eat fruit for breakfast, or otherwise 15 minutes before any main meal as it is digested quite quickly. This then prevents any fermentation of the fruit caused by other foods breaking down, that have been consumed just prior to it.
Snacking every 3 hours on whole and wholesome foods is the most efficient way to fuel our system, optimising the nutrients received. This also assists the body to stop entering into starvation mode.
Be aware that every time you chop, shred, slice, dice or grate you are reducing the nutrition bundle of the product, however if it remains in a raw state much is retained.
It is said though that Juicing enhances nutrients if consumed immediately. Please research juicing benefits, I leave this subject to the experts.
Whole foods keep our systems and wellbeing FLOWING.

Emotional Competency

The majority of people are in denial regards their suppressed emotions. It is this situation that attracts and or causes most stress. Well documented is the fact that stress is the basis of most illness and other barriers in life.
Emotional Competency assists in rectifying this and includes:
A) Ability to recognise that trapped/suppressed emotions exist that are being denied or resisted.
B) Openness to connect with emotions (one by one) and invite expansion of the contracted space
C) Willingness to Feel each emotion (Layer by Layer), maintain focus and let emotion flow while being microscopic in awareness
D) Allowance of expression and release of the core
The primitive part of our brain cannot differentiate an internal threat for example suppressed anger being triggered from an external threat for example a tiger ready to leap.
Emotional competency retrains this primitive portion to realise internal threats can be dealt with WITHOUT igniting flight, fight, freeze or freak….